How to Find a Financial Mentor (And Why You Need One!)


A few weeks ago, we met Allison Beacham, a young woman who helped us negotiate the world of renting. Like many Money Under 30 readers, Allison knows quite a bit about money for someone still in college. In her case, there’s a good reason why. Allison is the daughter of Susan Beacham (pictured), founder of […]

Funny Money: Check Out These Ways To Adventurously Whip Grocery Costs


Some people see grocery shopping as a monotonous chore, unaware of the wild, dangerous adventure it really is. That’s no grocery cart — it’s an abandoned mine cart you’re pushing through dark tunnels filled with treasures such as laundry detergent and Chex Party Mix. That folded-up piece of paper in your hand is no shopping […]

How to Work Abroad


Working abroad is a dream for many of us. If your company has an overseas branch take full advantage of that, they help with the paperwork and will help get you settled. If you are going it on your own be sure to tap into the local expat scene for tips on making a new country your home.

10 Used Cars Under $20K So Fun To Drive, You’ll Forget How Little You Paid


These affordable used cars are all under $20,000 but are so fun-to-drive, you’ll forget how little you paid as soon as you drift through your first offramp.

Q&A: What Rate of Return Should You Use for Retirement Planning?

Q: What rate of return should a 20- or 30-something use when using a retirement planning calculator? (They are often preset to 6 or 8 percent). And does that include inflation? Depending on the assumptions I use, I get drastically different answers. On the low-end, I’m saving too little and on the high-end, I’m saving […]

Funny Money: Paying Too Much for Your Electronic Leash? Ways to Tame Your Mobile Bill

Sketch of an evil-looking cell phone

You don’t really own your phone. It owns you. It makes you carry it around, commands you to whisper sweet nothings into its receiver, buy it expensive duds (those water-resistant cases) and lavish it with apps and accessories. And then there are the monthly charges. If you spend less than $600 a year on your […]

♥ & $: Thinking of Buying Life Insurance? Don’t Make the Same Mistake I Did

Lisen Stromberg

I can even remember where we were sitting. It was a sports bar down in Soho not far from the office of the non-profit where I worked. I was just a year out of college and eager to grow up, so when I met an insurance saleswoman who assured me the mature thing to do […]

Six Financial Tips for 20-somethings From Financial Planner Cliff Caplan

Cliff Caplan

It’s tempting to think that journalists who write about money for a living have all the answers. (Ugh. You should see my checkbook.) By way of analogy, I’d like to suggest a different way of thinking. We all know Steven Spielberg ranks as one of the all-time great film directors. But when Spielberg needs fabulous […]

Money Mentors: Jacquelyn Zehner on Women and Money


It’s hard not to be impressed by Jacquelyn Zehner. In 1996, she became the youngest woman and first female trader to become a partner at Goldman Sachs. But since then, her work has been even more impressive. Zehner has devoted herself to empowering women to take charge of their personal finances — both in their […]

Making a Budget for Life After College

Maria LaMagna is assistant editor of Money Under 30.

Even though I’m in denial about it right now, I will in fact be graduating from college in just a few months. With that fact comes a lot of worry — mentally, I don’t think I’m prepared to move on yet. But, as my mom says, the best antidote for anxiety is action, and I know there […]