Funny Money: Cut Costs, Not Cake at Weddings

wedding rings with "for richer or for poorer" engraving

Congrats! You’re getting married! Here are some tongue-in-cheek tips on how not to break the bank when planning your wedding, such as serving Costco cake and sending electronic invites. Be sure to check out the comments too. Things get a little spicy!

♥ & $: When It Comes To Credit Card Debt, Millennials Have It Figured Out

$13,740. That’s a lot of money. A fiscally smart person could use it buy a car, pay rent for a year, or feed a family of four for even longer. But when I was in my twenties, I wasn’t fiscally smart. My husband was in graduate school, and I was supporting us. My salary was […]

Military Money: Where to Start Your Military Savings

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 11.33.28 AM

Today’s guest post is brought to you by Doug Nordman, a military retiree who’s been financially independent for over a decade. He wishes he’d known this stuff over 30 years ago when he was just getting started, but he learned enough to overcome his mistakes– and you will too. Decades later, these words still send […]

Have Student Loan Debt? There’s Relief in Sight


As I learned the ropes of personal finance, a money-savvy friend taught me how to tell bad debt from good debt. Bad debt comes in many forms — including credit card balances (especially when tied to high interest rates), car loans and other forms of consumer indebtedness. With bad debt, you’re financing consumer items that […]

11 Ideas for How To Save on Flights


I’ve always heard conflicting advice on paying  for a flight. Some swear you need to book as early as possible to get the best price, while others say last-minute deals are the best bargain. Even though this remains unpredictable, there are still great ways you can save on airfare. When you are booking your next […]

The Market’s Up: Should I Wait to Invest?


As I’m writing this, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has set a record high for three days in a row. The mainstream media is going nuts. And — like everybody else who has money in a 401(k) or other stock accounts — I’m feeling pretty good. Who wouldn’t? In investing, the goal is to buy […]

How to Date Online Inexpensively


If you’re single and seeking a relationship, chances are you’ve at least considered online dating. It became a hot topic among my friends last semester … two of them joined the free dating site OK Cupid, and we were all obsessed with hearing about their profile-browsing and dates. As even “traditional” daters know, doing the […]

Savings Bonds: When to Consider Them as an Alternative Investment


Savings bonds: before writing for Money Under 30, all I knew about them was that I thought they were a terrible gift when I was little! I remember getting savings bonds as prizes in elementary school, looking at how long they would take to mature, and just thinking: “What the heck do I do with […] A Free Site To Organize Your Student Loans is a free web app that organizes your student loans.

Got student loans? Like, a lot? is a free service that shows all your loans in one place and shows how extra payments can pay off your debt faster.

Should You Save Or Pay Off Student Loans?

Before you rush to pay off student loans, consider saving first.

Balancing all of your financial responsibilities right out of college is a daunting task. Should you start saving for retirement? Save for a house? Travel? Pay off your student loans? You have a lot of competing goals at this point in your life. What you need is a plan!