Discount Real Estate Brokerages: Worthwhile or a Scam?


“What about the buyer’s side? Do they get no money for all their efforts? This can’t be the whole story.”

Should You Take That Unpaid Internship?


The key to benefiting from an internship is to make sure that you are getting something valuable out of it. If you aren’t getting paid, then you need to be getting something else. Resume worthy experience, college credits, or maybe a scholarship or grant, something to make it worth your time. Also, do them early in your college career so that you can get a paid gig when you are closer to graduating.

Auto Insurance Scores: The Surprising Truth About How Credit Affects Car Insurance Rates


As I often mention, I login to the free service CreditKarma every couple of months to keep track of my credit score. One time a year or so ago I logged in to see a new feature that differentiated my credit score from my auto insurance score. To my surprise, although my credit score was […]

Funny Money: Arguing Over Money with Your Significant Other

piggy bank with hearts on it

You try your best. You soak in knowledge from personal finance blogs with catchy names. You live and die by a budget. You max out your Roth IRA contributions. And none of it matters. Because no matter how good you happen to think you are with money, your wife/husband/live-in lovah will be certain that you […]

How To Use A Mobile Phone Abroad (Without Getting A Crazy Bill)


Planning on traveling abroad? Don’t forget about your cell phone usage. International cell phone usage can be very expensive if you don’t plan correctly. That is, if your phone even works at all. Here are some tips for making sure that you have an affordable working phone.

Why Owning a Home is a Bad Investment — But Often a Smart Decision

Experiential learning is always better than any lesson from a book. But when it comes to personal finance, too often the experience comes at the price of losing or spending way too much money. This past summer, my wife and I decided to finish our basement. We met with our contractor, who was honest and […]

Funny Money: Spotting Wastes of Money Disguised as Good Deals

fish on a hook

Marketing wizards spend their days conjuring up hypnotic spells meant to part you with your money. These spells, which are cast via marketing pitches, trick you into thinking you’re getting something extra for your money by taking advantage of a special offer. Cheap sons of pitches like me, who are constantly seeking deals, are particularly […]

Death and Taxes…and Divorce? Don’t Let Tax Time Bring Your Marriage Down

Man Filling out Tax Form

It’s no secret tax time can be hard on romantic relationships. From the timing of when to file, to tracking down the records, to just plain having to do something you don’t want to do. Take control, and don’t let April 15 be the most miserable day of the year.

How To Find A Short-Term Rental

Finding a short-term rental for an internship or contract job can be tricky; here are some tips.

As I’ve been getting further along in my college career, one word has changed in my mind from an exciting one to a scary one: internship. Sure, many internships are extremely competitive and offer low or no pay, but perhaps the hardest thing about internships is that if you have to do a short stint in a […]

Moven: New Money App Foreshadows Future of Social Banking

Moven is a new financial app that tracks purchases socially.

I like to think that when it comes to personal finance, there’s hardly anything personal about it where the big-boy banks are concerned. At Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, etc., banking has become an obstacle-course game of dodging exorbitant fees and penalties, usually done by keeping ultra-high balances. How many of us are in a position […]