Funny Money: Stuff You Should Never Buy Because You Can Get it For Free

People tend to say and repeat the quote "there's no such thing as a free lunch" as if it's something wise and profound. These are people who have never been to Denny's on their birthday, where there is also a free breakfast and dinner. I'm not … [Read more...]

Compare Airline Fees: What it Really Costs to Fly

Everyone loves finding cheap airfare. But as airlines struggle to stay profitable by moving to a la carte style pricing, the ticket price that looked so low on a booking site may turn out to be the starting point, not your final price. Before you … [Read more...]

Does Somebody Really Live There? Crazy and Amazing Houses in America

As I was driving from San Diego to Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago, I saw a massive house at the very top of a huge mountain. The house was overlooking the freeway and had no other houses nearby. I wondered who lives there and what it would be like … [Read more...]

Funny Money: The Finer Points of Getting Rid of Your Junk for Profit

Since you read awesome personal finance blogs like this one, surely you're aware of the mystical powers of compound interest. But did you realize that the same principles apply to stuffed animals and squeeze bottles? It's true. When you're not … [Read more...]

Protect Your Money While Traveling Abroad

Protecting your money while traveling is always a priority, but it’s especially important while you’re traveling abroad. Taking a few simple precautions before your trip and during your travels can ensure a safe, enjoyable trip and can keep your mo … [Read more...]

Rotten Customer Service? The Smart Way to Handle Companies that Waste Your Time

Some interesting commentary appeared on The Huffington Post this past week, and I'm not one to read that online publication expecting anything original. (If Arianna Huffington has earned any journalistic reputation, it's for borrowing copy from every … [Read more...]

Choosing Investments For Your IRA

Last week, a friend made a confession. “So this is terrible,” she said. “But I just realized that when I rolled over my old 401(k) over a year ago to a Fidelity IRA, I never invested it. It’s been sitting there as cash all this time!” At least she … [Read more...]

13 Beautiful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas Under $25

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 12, 2013. Don't have a Mother's Day gift for mom? Don’t worry, there’s still time. Every year it can be a struggle to find an affordable gift your mom will still love for Mother’s Day. But we’ve got you covered — on a bu … [Read more...]

Toshl Review: A Beautifully Simple Manual Budgeting App

A reader recently let me know about Toshl, a budgeting app available online and for iPhone and Android (thanks, Rachel!) In a sentence, Toshl is a manual budgeting and spend-tracking app with a beautiful design and intuitive user experience. As far … [Read more...]

Funny Money: Trashy Ways to Save on Your Garbage Costs

When you spend money on trash disposal, you're throwing your money out with the garbage. The wastefulness of garbage bins filled with bags of discarded refuse would make our caveman ancestors — who would make use of every part of the mammoths they … [Read more...]