Taxes and Unemployment; How to Avoid Surprises and Owe Less Tax


Did you know that unemployment benefits are subject to income tax? It comes as a surprise to many people. But don’t fret too much because there are also special tax breaks for the unemployed, such as job search deductions and the earned income credit.

How to Shrink Your Supersize Smartphone Bill

Smartphone bills are getting out of control; here are some ways to mitigate the damage that new data plan does to your budget.

These days, it seems almost everyone has some kind of fancy phone glued to their palm 24 hours a day. We just can’t live without our status updates and tweeting and texting and e-mailing. We’re using our phones to cook dinner, pay bills, make reservations, and even change our thermostat. But these little luxuries come […]

‘I Don’t…Want to Pay for That!’: Tips for Managing Finances With a Significant Other Before Marriage

Combining finances with an unmarried partner is tricky, but honestly and a plan will make it easier.

Ah, the thrills of dating and new relationships. Movie nights, ice cream dates, walks on the beach, a romantic candlelit dinner on Saturday night followed by… …a $150 bill! If you’ve dated — even for a short time — you know that dating involves spending money. And, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship, you know […]

7 Tricky Pitfalls To Online Bill Pay


Like most shortcuts in life, online bill pay has some serious downsides.

How To Start Freelancing: Four Steps To A Steady Second Income

Getting started freelancing is the hardest part, but can lead to a rewarding and lucrative second income.

More money is not always the answer. There are plenty of people with six figure incomes who are as financially hapless as those earning far less. That said, earning additional income can often help you achieve financial freedom faster. This is why “earning more” is the half step on our 6 1/2 Steps to Financial […]

Moving Sucks, So Don’t Miss These 5 Money-saving, Stress-reducing Moving Tips

Need some moving advice? Get tips on saving money on boxes to the food you eat mid-move.

When it comes time to move, most of us want to get it over with as fast as possible. That often means forking over cash left and right and sweating the entire time. Some uncommon advice: Slow down to make your move go more smoothly and cost less.

Healthy Meals On A Budget: Seven Tips For Eating Well On Less

Healthy meals don't have to cost a lot.

As we know more and more about the benefits of fresh, healthy meals, it’s  no wonder that everyone wants to eat healthier these days. And of course, we want to do it without breaking the bank. Big food chains make it easy to enjoy a double, extra-loaded and extra-unhealthy burger and fries for less than a five-spot. While some […]

Flash Weddings: How To Plan Quickie ‘I Dos’ On The Cheap

A flash wedding is a trendy, thrilling, and thrifty alternative to a formal marriage ceremony.

Be prepared: The next wedding invitation in your mailbox might ask you to break the law. It may describe the stuff of spy movies: Sneaking into a museum and gathering around a popular painting without rousing suspicion of the guards. All in the name of celebrating a wedding in a ways that’s trendy, thrilling, and […]

Do Daily Deal Sites Cost You More?

Do daily deal sites cost you more? Do you really need that helicopter ride?

Helicopter flight for two — 61% off! Eyelash extensions  — 50% off! Four-course dinner at a 5-star restaurant  — 56% off! Four-day trip to Cozumel, Mexico  — 43% off! Thanks to sites like Groupon, Living Social, and dozens of others, these “amazing deals” can be yours…if you buy today. Daily deal sites came in vogue in the midst […]

What I Learned From Buying My First Home

A few weeks ago, I closed on my first home. (Two months ago, I didn’t even know what closing on a home really meant…that’s how fast this all happened!) Still, we’ve been on the road to this day for a few years. My husband and I paid off our student loans and my car loan […]