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Special Tax Situations: Audits, Extensions, Payment Plans, and Quarterly Payments

Special Tax Situations- Audits, Extensions, Payment Plans, and Quarterly Payments

This is the last in Money Under 30’s six part “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. Here we discuss some special situations. We are looking at audits, extensions, payment plans, and quarterly taxes for the self-employed.

Need a Tax Break? Here’s a List

Need a Tax Break- Here's a List

This is part five of Money Under 30’s six part “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. A big topic on everyone’s mind while filing taxes is deductions! Deductions lower your tax liability so you sure don’t want to miss one. Here’s a list and explanation of common tax deductions.

Common Tax Schedules: The No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes, Part 4

Common Tax Schedules- The No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes, Part 4

This is part four of Money Under 30’s six part “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. Tax schedules are basically supporting documentation to your tax return. They are used to claim additional deductions such as mortgage interest or a loss on a business. This is good stuff to understand as your tax return gets more complex.

Tax Return Preparation Options: Calculator, Computer, or CPA?

Tax Return Preparation Options- Calculator, Computer, or CPA-

This is part two of Money Under 30’s six step “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. Once you have your required forms and documents you can decide which option is best for preparing your taxes. While filing by hand is free, tax software is easier. A professional is expensive but might give you the peace of mind you need.

Time Management For Freelancers: How To Find Extra Hours For Earning More

Everybody wants to earn more money. And as we’ve established, often the most straightforward way to do that is to start freelancing in addition to your nine-to-five. Ideally, you can even make that work something you already enjoy—like teaching a fitness class or creating designs—so it feels less like work. In other words, become a […]

The Best Inexpensive Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want to Receive


We asked our readers for the best inexpensive Christmas present ideas that they would actually want. The results are in! Get some ideas for your loved ones this year from fellow Money Under 30 readers.

How To Use Social Media To Help—Not Hurt—Your Career


Note from David: It’s been a while since we’ve talked about career issues on Money Under 30, so we’re going to fix that this week. Today, I asked Amber to write about how you can use social networking accounts to help your career. (At the very least, if your Facebook profile photo includes a Solo […]

My Experience: Combining Finances With A New Spouse

I’ve been married for a little over three months now, and, since my new husband and I combined our finances right after getting hitched, we’ve been learning a lot about what it’s like to share bank accounts. We went from completely separate financial lives and splitting (almost) every cost right down the middle to completely combined finances. After […]

Extreme Couponing: Are These People Brilliant or Just Plain Crazy?


I’ve been hearing a lot lately about extreme couponing. The hit reality show on TLC and dismal economy seem to be driving interest in this phenomenon that takes clipping coupons to, well, extremes. (This is not the neatly-organized coupon folder your mom used to keep.) Extreme couponing is a hobby less about saving money and […]

Why So Many People Are House Poor and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate

Wouldn’t it be nice if buying a home were as easy as walking into a store and out with a new smartphone? Unfortunately, it’s hardly so simple. As I’m finding out, getting ready to buy a home requires a ton of preparation (not to mention saving). But as I give this decision a lot of thought, I’m still […]