Scared to Invest? Income Investing Offers a Lower Risk Approach


To beat inflation, everyone needs to invest. But investing doesn’t have to be a gamble. Income investing is a lower-risk approach to funding your future.

Leverage in Your Portfolio: How Call Options Make Your Money Go Further


In investing, a call option is a contract that gives an investor the right — but not the obligation — to buy a stock at a certain price within a certain period of time. Call options are best used by advanced investors, but they can help create leverage and manage risk.

On the Road from $0 to a Million, This Simple Pyramid is Your Map; What Level Are You On?

The Financial Planning Pyramid can help define where to focus next as you work on your personal finances.

Are you too focused on singular financial problems like paying off debt or picking stocks? The most successful people take a big-picture approach to their money. Here’s how you can, too, using the Financial Planning Pyramid.

Growth Stocks vs Value Stocks: What’s the Difference?


Trying to learn more about investing? Here’s a page from stock picking 101: The difference between growth stocks vs value stocks. Growth stocks are popular, often high-flying companies that command a premium share price. Value stocks are sound companies whose shares are “on sale” for one reason or another.

Investing in Bonds Made Easy; Why You Can’t Call Yourself an Investor Until You Understand Bonds

Bond investing is easy once you understand the basics; why bonds belong in any portfolio.

Bonds are like stocks’ oft-overlooked stepsisters. They’re not ugly, just so boring you’ll beg a friend to bail you from the conversation. But bonds play a vital role in any competent investor’s portfolio. Here’s the bare minimum you need to know about investing in bonds.

Not Rich Enough to Invest in Hedge Funds? Some Alternative Investments You Can Afford


Hedge funds and private equity firms require huge pockets to join the party. But hedge fund alternatives are available to investors who can stomach the risk in search of beefier returns.

Beyond the Hype, the Real Reasons Some Investors Buy Gold

Before you're tempting to invest in gold by all the hype, understand why people go for gold in the first place.

Why invest in gold? Yes, it gets hype. But there are real reasons smart investors buy gold.

Don’t Throw Good Money After Bad; When To Sell A Losing Investment


Your stocks are down: Should you sell a stock before a downturn wipes out all your gains? What about a losing investment? When do you cut your losses? Here, a look at the right and wrong reasons to sell a stock.

Active vs. Passive Investing: Why Your Investing Style Matters


What’s the difference between active investing and passive investing? What type of investor are you? Explore the pros and cons of each strategy and adjust your tactics accordingly.

Are Your Investments Tax Efficient? 3 Things to Check

Man Filling out Tax Form

Are you a tax-efficient investor? Learn three ways to legally pay fewer taxes on your investments, a lesson that could save you tens of thousands over your lifetime.