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What Should you do with a Windfall?


Received an inheritance? Won the lottery? Congrats! We all dream of coming into money, but if it happens, what exactly should you do with a windfall? Here’s how to manage an unexpected lump sum of money responsibly while still having a little fun.

How to Trade Stocks for the First Time


Are you thinking about trading stocks for the very first time? Learn the basics and proceed with caution.

What are Leveraged ETFs?


Leveraged ETFs are exchange-traded funds that employ leverage strategies including options, futures, and short sales to amplify potential investment gains. Do they belong in your portfolio?

With Mutual Funds, You May Not Be As Diversified As You Think


Mutual funds are attractive because they offer diversification in a single investment. But owning a mutual fund doesn’t mean that you’re properly diversified. Here’s what to look out for.

How to Tell the Good Mutual Funds from the Bad: Four Must-know Performance Metrics


Are you thinking about investing in mutual funds? Doing so requires at least as much research as buying a new car. These are the four key mutual fund performance metrics you should use to pick which fund is best for you.

The ABCs Of Mutual Fund Share Classes


Do you know the difference between A, B and C mutual fund shares? Or how a no-load fund differs from a C share? Learning these distinctions could save you thousands in investment expenses over your lifetime.

How Much Do I Need to Retire?


Saving for retirement is about the type of lifestyle you will want at that time. Do you want to travel? Are you planning a move? The savings that work for some may not be the right fit for others. Here’s a simple way to estimate how much you need.

Should I Invest in my Employer’s Stock?


Should you invest in your employer’s stock? Sure, but just a little. Keep these tips in mind so you come out on top — not in trouble, Enron-style.

How Investing Just $50 a Month can Kick-start Your Retirement


What effect could just $50 a month have on your life savings? More than you think. Here’s how to start or build upon your investing plan by making regular monthly investments (with as little as 50 bucks).

Should I Contribute More To My 401k?


You may already know that you should contribute as much to your 401k plan as your employer will match. But when is it time to increase your 401k contributions? And how do you decide between adding more to your 401k or funding an IRA?