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Eight Steps to Achieve Credit Nirvana


Tired of worrying about your credit, and being punished for having a low credit score? The eight steps listed below will lead you to financial freedom. Some are easier than others, but by following even some of them your credit score will rise. 1. Be Patient This one’s so easy, you don’t actually have to […]

Owing Mom and Dad: Debt or Gratitude?

The following is a guest post by Susie Bafico. Plenty of parents help out their adult kids with cash, and it’s not just cars and trust funds. For many, the safety net is pulled on the way to college, while for others it never really ends.

Risky Business: When Student Loans Go To Collections

When Student Loans Go To Collections

Here’s the story of Kat Fae, an American college student finishing her law degree in London. Four of her five student loans were placed in deferment while she finished school overseas. One flat out refused. Here is how that account ended up in collections and how she fought to have the situation fixed.

Are Europeans Better- or Worse-off Financially than Americans?

Imagine paying a high tax for owning a gas-guzzling SUV, enjoying six weeks of paid vacation each year, or giving half of your paycheck to the government. In this guest post, Emily Starbuck Gerson, of the CreditCards.com blog Taking Charge, describes some of the differences between the personal finances of Americans and Europeans.