10 Tips For A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

How often do you hear the words “artist” and “big money” in the same sentence? Maybe when it’s something like this: “The artist owes big money on his rent.” Or: “The artist who titled his abstract painting ‘Big Money’ sold it for 75 bucks at the local … [Read more...]

You Paid Bills Late: Just How Bad Is That? The Lifetime Cost Of Missed Payments

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Can We Go Thrift Shopping? Pro Tips For Finding Thrift Store Deals

Last year I lost 40 pounds, which meant none of my pants fit me anymore. I went from a 34-35 waist to a 31-32, and donning my jeans turned me into a baggy-pants clown. Moreover, I wasn’t into going back to maxing out my credit cards. And while I’ve … [Read more...]

How We Save: Acorns Co-founder Jeff Cruttenden Wants To Make Investing Easy For Everyone

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3 Easy Ways You Can Be More Money-savvy Than Most Americans

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The High Price Of Divorce, Financial And Emotional

One New Year’s resolution carries with it the specter of sadness: the decision to get divorced. Coming as they do just weeks before Valentine’s Day, calendar-kickoff divorce proceedings are so common that January is now known as “Divorce Month.” (Than … [Read more...]

Can You Afford A Broken Arm? Insured Or Not, Hospital Bills Hurt; 5 Apps Than Can Help You Save

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How We Save: For Nicholas Befort, Good Money Habits Are All In The Family

For many Money Under 30 readers, the good habits of personal finance are matters you’ve had to learn yourself. That also applies to some of us writers. My dad didn’t possess checking, savings or retirement accounts. He used my mom’s checkbook and othe … [Read more...]

Refinance Student Loans With SoFi; Rates Starting At 1.92%

Refinancing student loans used to be something of a fantasy. Yes, it could be done, but it was hard to find lenders willing to do it and, if you did, the rates may not have saved you much money anyway. That's changing thanks to companies like … [Read more...]

How We Save: Julie Stevens Finds Her Passion, But Not A Job (Yet)

The Chicago suburb of Winnetka is best known as the locale of the “Home Alone” house, which sold for a cool $1.585 million in 2012. It’s also the town where Julie Stevens resides, though she doesn’t boast anywhere near the wealth of Winnetka’s long-ti … [Read more...]