How We Save: For Nicholas Befort, Good Money Habits Are All In The Family

How We Safe: Nicholas Befort

Nicholas Befort, 29, learned good money habits from his father, a financial advisor. How the lessons helped him get off to a good financial start and follow his father into a financial services career.

Refinance Student Loans With SoFi; Rates Starting At 1.92 Percent

Refinance student loans with SoFi

With SoFi, you can refinance student loans — federal or private — at rates as low as 3.50 percent percent fixed or 1.92 percent variable (with AutoPay discount).

How We Save: Julie Stevens Finds Her Passion, But Not A Job (Yet)

How We Save: Julie Stevens

Despite what the college admissions office will lead you to believe, a diploma isn’t a guarantee of a job. Julie struggles to get by even with her BA. Her biggest piece of advice for you is to start looking for internships right away. Passion doesn’t equal cash until someone is willing to pay you.

What’s The Best Tax Software? Popular Tax Software Compared

Header for the MoneyUnder30 tax software comparison guide

This is part three of Money Under 30’s “No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes”. Is free tax software really free? Can I file my taxes with my phone? And what’s the difference between free online tax services and tax software that costs $80? The answers here.

The Most Important Money Tips Of 2014: Can You Guess Them?

What We Learned In 2014- Ten Top Tips From The Financial Experts

As in life, in personal finance, the greatest lessons are the easiest to learn but the most difficult to master. Here are 10 of the most important money tips from the past year that should guide you as you strive toward your financial goals.

8 Fresh Investment Ideas For 2015

New Year's Revolutions- Ten fresh investment ideas for 2015

The new year is a great time to reevaluate your investments. Spend this time taking a good look at the economic environment and make any adjustments you see fit. With interest rates set to rise, you may want to double check your bond holdings. Also, oil and banks may see a comeback this year.

5 “Robo Advisors” That Are Forever Changing How We Invest

How robo advisors are changing the way we invest.

Want to start investing but don’t know where to start? Here is a quick review of five companies that have automated the process of helping you choose the proper investments. “Robo-advising” is a great way to make sure your portfolio is well diversified and meets your goals and needs.

Preparing For Baby Means The Birth Of A New Family Budget

Preparing For Baby Means The Birth Of A New Family Budget

Preparing financially for your new baby means more than just making room in the budget for diapers and daycare. The baby will have long term financial needs, such as college, that also need planning. How do you fit it all in?

5 Steps To Negotiating The Salary Of Your Dreams

5 Steps to Negotiate The Salary of Your Dreams

Negotiating your first salary is a daunting task but extremely important. Since raises are often based on a percent of your current salary a small bump now could lead to a lot of money over time! Intern expert Lauren Berger shares with us her top tips for negotiating a starting salary.

Why That Black Friday Sale Might Not Be Such A Deal

Simple strategies for saving big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Some people spend weeks planning out their Black Friday attack. Shop smarter, not harder this Black Friday by following these tips to make the most of your shopping spree. We can help you figure out what’s a great deal and what’s just gimmick to get you through the doors.