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8 Fresh Investment Ideas For 2015

New Year's Revolutions- Ten fresh investment ideas for 2015

The new year is a great time to reevaluate your investments. Spend this time taking a good look at the economic environment and make any adjustments you see fit. With interest rates set to rise, you may want to double check your bond holdings. Also, oil and banks may see a comeback this year.

5 “Robo Advisors” That Are Forever Changing How We Invest

How robo advisors are changing the way we invest.

Want to start investing but don’t know where to start? Here is a quick review of five companies that have automated the process of helping you choose the proper investments. “Robo-advising” is a great way to make sure your portfolio is well diversified and meets your goals and needs.

Preparing For Baby Means The Birth Of A New Family Budget

Preparing For Baby Means The Birth Of A New Family Budget

Preparing financially for your new baby means more than just making room in the budget for diapers and daycare. The baby will have long term financial needs, such as college, that also need planning. How do you fit it all in?

5 Steps To Negotiating The Salary Of Your Dreams

5 Steps to Negotiate The Salary of Your Dreams

Negotiating your first salary is a daunting task but extremely important. Since raises are often based on a percent of your current salary a small bump now could lead to a lot of money over time! Intern expert Lauren Berger shares with us her top tips for negotiating a starting salary.

Why That Black Friday Sale Might Not Be Such A Deal

Simple strategies for saving big on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Some people spend weeks planning out their Black Friday attack. Shop smarter, not harder this Black Friday by following these tips to make the most of your shopping spree. We can help you figure out what’s a great deal and what’s just gimmick to get you through the doors.

5 Major Mistakes Investors Make, And What It Takes To Get It Right


For a majority of investors, the same five mistakes will cost tens of thousands in lost returns over a lifetime. How avoid the most common investing mistakes.

Should Your Parents Still Be Your First Stop For Financial Advice When You’re 30?

33 percent of millenials ages 25-34 still turn to their parents for financial advice.

Studies show millennials well into their 30s still turn to their parents for financial advice. That’s not a bad thing if mom and dad were good with money, but perhaps you shouldn’t rely on parental advice alone — especially when it comes your finances.

How We Save: This Woman Said “Enough!” To Debt; Here’s What She Did

How We Save: Gabrielle Stokes, 28, is an electrical engineering grad waging war on her post-college debt.

Gabrielle Stokes is rocking this money thing, but that wasn’t always the case. She shares the revelations that led her to get smart about money and the specific financial tactics she’s using to grow her net worth and be debt free by next year.

Could An Annuity Belong In Your 401(k) Or IRA? Proceed Carefully

The new QLAC law could make annuities an attractive addition to your 401(k)

“No one buys an annuity… they are sold annuities,” says author Stan Haithcock. This complicated financial product is often overhyped, but a new tax law may make certain kinds of annuities attractive to young investors as part of an overall retirement strategy.

A Policy With Bark: Should You Purchase Pet Insurance?

dog and vet

Pet insurance pays veterinary bills (after a deductible) for unexpected illnesses or accidents. If you’re on a budget, having pet insurance offers peace of mind that you won’t one day be faced with the decision to pay thousands to save your pet’s life.