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About Maria LaMagna

Maria LaMagna is a recent graduate of Northwestern University where she served as editor-in-chief of the university’s award-winning daily newspaper and studied for five months in Argentina. Before joining Money Under 30, Maria worked as a reporter for CNN and the Indianapolis Business Journal. Follow Maria on Twitter @MCLaMagna.

How To Apply For Private Student Loans: A Simple Guide


The cost of education is often a lot more than just tuition — and sometimes your federal loans just can’t help pay for everything. Here’s why and when you might consider private loans to help cover the full cost of school.

Which U.S. States are Most Responsible with Credit? The Most (and Least) Credit-savvy States in the Nation

Colored States

Does where you live influence how well you use credit? It may. This map of the United States ranks each state on average credit card debt, average credit score and the number of bankruptcy filings per capita. How credit-savvy is your state?

Money Under 30 Gift Guide: Christmas Gifts Under $50 and Ideas for Every Budget


November is here, and that means the holiday season is, too. Are you looking for some gift ideas? We’ve got you covered, whether your budget is $5 or $500.

Four Unexpected Benefits of my Side Hustles (Besides the Cash!)


As a recent graduate living in New York City, I take opportunities to earn money on the side whenever I can. Although I do it for the money, there have been other cool benefits to babysitting and freelancing that I never expected.

6 Tips for Building A Work Wardrobe On A Budget


Trading in your college sweatshirts for office-appropriate attire can be daunting, not to mention pricey. From my own experience, here are a few ways to build a simple work wardrobe on a budget.

Lessons from NYC: Four Expenses that Add Up Fast

Moving to New York after graduating from college, four expenses are adding up way faster than I thought.

As a recent college grad making my way into the “real world”, I knew I’d have to budget for life’s little (and not so little expenses). Still, there are a few things I didn’t count on being as costly as they are!

Student Loan 911! A Guide to Student Loan Repayment Options

ironic ball and chain with student loan painted on it

Oh, student loans. How we hate thee. But since you’re here to stay for a while, we’d better get acquainted. Our primer on organizing your student debt will help you know your enemy and make a plan of attack.

Money Mentors: Rich Hebron on What Gen-Y and the Homeless Have in Common

Rich Hebron on why Millenials and the homeless have a lot in common.

Well, here’s something you don’t hear every day. When Rich Hebron graduated from DePaul University in 2011, he had plans — and not of the full-time employment variety. Instead of pursuing a traditional route like some of his friends, he decided to live on the streets of Chicago for four months in order to better […]

Top Financial Advisors for Millennials

Top financial advisors for millenials: These professionals offer affordable financial advice to young investors.

Got money questions? Seeking professional help can be smart. Trouble is, many financial advisors are expensive or only want to work with millionaires. So where can you turn? We contacted hundreds of financial advisors to find several who love to work with 20- and 30-something clients. These talented advisors are affordable, have minimal requirements for becoming a client, and most will work remotely. Read more about Money Under 30’s best financial advisors for millenials.

Why You Should Travel While You’re Young At Any Cost

Why you should travel while you're young at (almost) any cost

Travel while you’re young at any cost. Go out there. See new things. Now is the time, even if you don’t have a ton of money. Let me tell you why…