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Bad Credit? No Credit? Secured Credit Cards Are Your Friend

How secured credit cards works.

It’s somewhat like a debit card, but it builds credit. It works like a credit card—you can book a hotel or rent a car—and yet, you deposit cash before you can use it. Get to know how secured credit cards work and—if you’re trying to build credit—why they might be right for you.

Reduce Your Tax Bill By Up to $1,000 With The Saver’s Credit


You could get a tax credit for up to $1,000 from the IRS — just for moving money into a retirement account. Here’s how to cash in on the Saver’s Credit this year.

Considering A Cosigner On Student Loans? Here’s What You Should Know


A cosigner can help you qualify for loans that might otherwise be out of reach. But be careful: you’re putting someone else’s credit at risk.

9 Smart Ways To Spend An Extra $1,000

Smart ways to spend $1,000

If you’ve come into an unexpected windfall, it can be tempting to blow it all on fun and luxury. Think twice. Here are nine ways to spend $1,000 that will help you become more financially secure.

Is A 529 Plan Really The Best Way To Save For College?


The IRS created 529 plans to help parents save for kids’ education, tax-free. But here’s why a 529 plan may not be the best way to save for college.

Do I Need A Will? Who Needs A Will (And When)


I’m young and single—I don’t need a will, right? Maybe. Here’s who needs to get a will drafted right away — and who can get away without one.

5 Things To Do If You Can’t Make Your Student Loan Payments

5 Things To Do If You Can’t Make Your Student Loan Payments

If you can’t make your student loan payments, take action immediately. There are a number of free resources available that will help you avoid defaulting on your loans.

Net Worth Is Your Most Vital Financial Stat—Do You Know Yours?


Net worth is assets minus liabilities, and it’s a snapshot of your overall financial health. It’s important to track it over time so you can ensure that your wealth is moving in the right direction.

Is My Car An Asset Or A Liability?

How much is my car worth -- MoneyUnder30

When calculating net worth, should you count your car as an asset? Yes, but only if you use a current — and realistic — depreciated value.

Why Is My Credit Score Different Depending Where I Look?

Which credit score - MoneyUnder30

When it comes to credit scores, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. What you see on Credit Karma or your credit card statement probably isn’t the same thing a lender will look at when they pull your credit report. Here’s why — and what you can do about it.