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Don’t Be Replaceable: 3 Career Fields That Can’t Be Done By Robots (Yet)

Check Out These Good-Paying Jobs You'll Have a Hard Time Getting Fired From

When choosing a career, you want to consider your passions, skills and income potential. You might also ask yourself: Could a robot do this job? Here are three fields in which the answer is “no”… at least for now!

4 Ways To Make Moving Back In With Your Parents Less Painful

Stuck Living With Your Parents Check Out These Four Survival Tips

Living with your parents as an adult is a savvy money move, but it’s still awkward. We can’t stop your mom from waiting up for you, but these steps can ease some of the stress of living at home.

6 Ways to Reduce Your Car Insurance Rates After an Accident

Photo by: Natloans/Flickr

You swerved for a skunk and wrecked your ride; now your car insurance is going to double, right? Not necessarily. With the right insurer — or some clever maneuvering — you can still save money on car insurance after an accident.

Is Debt Settlement Ever Worth It?

Is Debt Settlement Ever Worth It

Why debt settlement isn’t worth it. Companies that promise to end your debt problem for pennies on the dollar can cause more problems than they solve.

The Millennial Dream: Redefining Success in America

How To Figure Out What The American Dream Means To You

The American Dream is changing. Long-term stable job, homeownership, married with two kids and a dog — those were the dreams of our parents. But our dreams often include flexibility, travel, and passion. If a mortgage in a good school district isn’t appealing to you … what is?

Prepaid Bank Cards: Is There Ever A Good Reason To Use One?

Is There Ever A Time To Use A Prepaid Bank Card

Prepaid cards are helpful if you can’t get a checking account, but shouldn’t be a longterm solution.

How To Save Your First $500

How To Save $500 When You're Living Paycheck To Paycheck

It’s not easy to save your first $500, but the first step is the hardest. Here are four steps anyone can follow to begin putting money away (no matter how little you earn).

3 TV Shows That May Actually Teach You Something About Money

What You Can Learn About Money From Popular TV Shows

If you’re going to binge on some television, these shows come with financial themes from which you just might learn a thing or two.

Don’t Drive A Lot? You Could Save With Pay Per Mile Car Insurance

Pay-Per-Mile Car Insurance

If you drive less than 10,000 miles per year you might be paying too much for car insurance. Consider a pay per mile car insurance company.

Financial Advice From Your Parents You Wish You’d Listened To

Do What Your Momma Says Financial Advice From Your Parents You Really Should Follow

Did your parents give you good financial advice as a kid? A new survey reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the average parents’ money advice. Problem is, as kids, we weren’t listening.