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Phil Villarreal writes Funny Money weekly for Money Under 30. He lives in Tucson and works for the Arizona Daily Star. He's also an author, blogger and Twitterer.

Funny Money: 8 Complicated, Contradictory Rules Of Workplace Dating

  Ah, workplace dating. Everyone thinks about it. Constantly. Mainly because being horny and weird at work is preferable to actually getting work done. Yet few do actually make the proverbial plunge of the "pen" into "office ink." And … [Read more...]

How To Turn Hotel Room Problems Into Big Savings

You've settled into your hotel bed, only to feel a spring jabbing you in the back. You wake up after a rough night of sleep to jackhammering outside your window. You groggily try to get a drink, only to find the ice machine doesn't work and … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Save On Spring Break Travel

  Who says you have to stop enjoying Spring Break just because you're no longer in college? There's no better time to take advantage of tempting deals on lively destinations offered up to cash-strapped students and cut loose while … [Read more...]

‘Whole’ Foods For Half The Price: 5 Tips For Eating Well On Any Budget

It's simple enough to eat well if money isn't an issue. Shop at the highest-priced grocery store in town, load up on fair-trade grains, locally-sourced produce and grass-fed Kobe beef so exclusive it was ranched and butchered by Kobe Bryant h … [Read more...]

Get More Done: 10 Ways To Eliminate Distractions At Work

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. You settle into your cubicle, catch up on your weekend with a buddy, return some texts, zone out on Facebook and suddenly you've lost an hour (or four) and find yourself hopelessly behind. OK, put your … [Read more...]

Streaming Stick Showdown: Amazon Fire Stick Vs. Chromecast Vs. Roku Streaming Stick Vs. Vudu Spark

The term "set top box," traditionally used to describe devices that plugged into your TV, is antiquated. Not only are today's TVs so thin that nothing with the girth of a penny could possibly stand atop them, but the new "boxes" aren't boxes at all, … [Read more...]

Hunting For A New TV? Avoid These Dealbreakers

It's taken months of hustle and heartbreak to get to this point. Grand schemes, hard work and skilled execution have led to the main event that everyone's talking about. And it all comes down to a grand finale that means everything. The Super … [Read more...]

Get Well Fast: What To Do When You Can’t Afford To Be Sick

When your body falls ill, so does your financial outlook. Medical bills and lost productivity --  combined with the difficulty of playing catch-up once you feel better -- make flu season a financially risky time of year. Perhaps the most stifling d … [Read more...]

6 Financial Questions To Ask Before Moving In Together

One thing romantic comedies forget to tell you is that falling in love isn't just the beginning of a breathless, heartwarming saga. It's also the beginning of a tedious, unbearable grind full of number crunching, crushed expectations, and painful … [Read more...]

Apple Pay Vs Google Wallet, Softcard And LoopPay: Are You Ready For Mobile Payments?

Going through the hassle of removing your credit card from your wallet is so last year. We all heard the buzz around Apple Pay last fall, but interest waned when we learned less than 5 percent of retailers were ready to accept it. While Apple … [Read more...]