Funny Money: Fast Food Deals That Will Stretch Multiple Meals (If You Can Stomach Eating It…Again!)

The best cheap fast food that lasts for multiple meals

Hey, we can’t all be chefs. When cooking isn’t on the menu you still have to eat somewhere. Fast food meals that will keep your stomach and your wallet full after lunch, dinner, and maybe even breakfast.

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Dental Insurance

5 Reasons To Ditch Your Dental Insurance

Do you really need dental insurance? Maybe not. If you have healthy teeth, you might also have a healthier budget by declining dental coverage.

10 Things About Money 30-somethings Wish We Knew In Our 20s

Things about money 30-somethings wish we knew in our 20s.

You don’t have to be that much older to realize you were recently young and foolish, especially when it comes to money.

Funny Money: Scarily Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas

Get cheap halloween costume ideas from

You know what’s scary? Spending money on a Halloween costume. Make the most of what’s in your closet with these cheap halloween costume ideas.

Funny Money: Do Not Save Cash In These Sneaky Ways

Woman doing Crossfit

Sometimes saving money can cause an ethical dilemma. Here are five tricks you should definitely NOT use to save money.

Getting Sick Is Bad For Your Wallet; 5 Easy Ways To Stay Healthy And Minimize Health Care Costs At The Same Time

Save money on medical costs by staying healthy and finding low-cost options whenever possible.

Medical bills are the leading cause of bankruptcy. Although you can’t always avoid a debilitating illness, being smart about your health how you pay for health care can save you thousands.

Funny Money: 5 DIY Projects That Will Cost You More In The Long Run

Our satire on when DIY can backfire big time.

Some jobs should be left to the pros. If you’re feeling confident about your DIY skills, you should read this before you leave yourself with a flooded house or gnarled hairdo.

Check For These 5 Dealbreakers Before You Buy A House

You need to know these 5 deal breakers when searching for a new home.

Buying a new home? From shoddy construction to prior pest guests, there’s a lot you need to check (and double check) before you sign on the dotted line.

Funny Money: How To Get Ahead At The Office By Acting Like A Jerk

Don't want friends? Want to get ahead in the office? The read here and learn how to become a grade-A office jerkwad!

No one actively wants to be known as the jerk of the office, but it’s those who don’t care whether or not they’re or not they’re labeled that way who tend to rise to the top. You can gripe about these folks and try to undermine them, or you can observe them and learn from them, using some of their skills in less audacious ways to improve your own standing.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Finances Separate From Your Significant Other

It's not that you shouldn't trust your partner, it's about making life easier for both of you.

There’s something to be said about keeping love and money separate — not allowing one to taint the other. Here are five reasons to keep his and hers checking accounts as you begin your lives together.