Funny Money: 5 Things You Can Say To Customer Service Reps To Get Your Way

How to deal with customer service agents.

Learn the 5 key phrases to use with customer service reps to get what you want, fast.

Funny Money: Don’t Cut The Cord; Why You Should Just Submit To Your Evil Cable Company

Should you give up on cord-cutting and just deal with evil cable companies?

Cord-cutting is your best defense against blood-sucking cable monopolies. But before you snip, think of everything you have to lose!

Funny Money: Who Pays The Most For Video Game And DVD Trade-ins?

Which stores pay the most for video game and DVD trades?

Surprise: Trade-ins are a rip off. But if you’re too lazy to sell unwanted video games or movies yourself, here are stores that’ll pay most (if anything at all) for your used DVDs and games.

Funny Money: How Not to Suck at Shopping for a New Computer

Shopping for a new computer? Don't be a sucker!

The moment you buy a new computer, the ghost of Steve Jobs will conjure something lighter, faster, better and — arg — cheaper! Although obsolescence is unavoidable, you can avoid these hair-brained computer-shopping mistakes and save some major gigabucks.

Funny Money: Dribbling All Over Your Brackets for Fun and Profit

The fun and profit of NCAA Bracketology

This is the year: Get ready to crush your local March Madness bracket and rake in the cash — even if you know absolutely nothing about college basketball.

Funny Money: Pro Athletes Don’t Need Your Money; How to Watch Your Team Play for Less

Save money attending professional sports games.

How is it that professional athletes earn millions of dollars…just for playing a game? $10 hot dogs and $15 beers, that’s how. If you’re going to donate your hard-earned money to watch your favorite ball team play, at least be sensible about it. Here’s how.

Funny Money: Dirt Cheap Eats; The 5 Best Values in Fast Food


Crunch your salad if you want, but nothing fills a gut on a budget like greasy fast food goodness. Here, five-dirt cheap fast food values on sale now.

Funny Money: 5 Easy Ways to Nibble at the Costs of Eating Out


It may be cheapest to cook at home, but you can save money eating out without giving up restaurants altogether. Here are five easy ways.

Funny Money: You Don’t Need a Mechanic: Car Repairs Even You (Yes, You) Can do Yourself

car repair

Are you a mechanical moron like me? Even so, there are at least four easy car repairs you can do yourself to save a few hundred a year. Then again, there are a few auto maintenance jobs you might be tempted to tackle but you really shouldn’t try at home. Trust me.

Funny Money: 5 Ways to Recession-proof Your Life

Author Kimberly Palmer

You can kick butt in good times AND bad. The key? Steps you take NOW to recession-proof your life and income. Do you have a plan in the event you lose your job? If not, this is required reading.