Is Investing Gambling?

There is a thin line that differentiates investing and gambling. We might consider professional gamblers---poker players, for example---a breed of speculative investors. Of course, we might also call investment professionals who take wild risks … [Read more...]

Finance 101: How Do Banks Make Money?

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Do You Make This Dangerous Credit Card Mistake?

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A Turning Point for Gen. Y Financial Literacy?

Four years ago, nearly dozing off in class, I thought to myself: “What if I borrow a million dollars, hide it somewhere then declare bankruptcy?” The idea seemed as diabolically ingenious as a well-planned bank heist. And I actually considered it! Tod … [Read more...]

Credit Card Strategies: Building an ‘Army’ of Cashback Credit Cards

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Five Things to Remember When You Shop Online

If you shop online, you're already accustomed to getting the hottest fashions and gadgets at the best price---without finding parking at the mall and waiting in lines---delivered right to your door. But these days there are so many Internet retailers … [Read more...]