About Tom Niejadlik

Tom Niejadlik has over 15 years of experience in the auto sales industry and is eager to help us understand his industry and save money on one of our biggest expenses: our cars. He lives in Portland, Maine with his wife, sons, and golden retriever, Barkley.

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As somebody who makes a living running a profitable car business, I argue it’s not always a good idea to grind car dealers into a bare minimum, below-invoice price on your next new car. (Yes, I know most of you disagree.) That said, I’ve seen eve … [Read more...]

10 Used Cars Under $20K So Fun To Drive, You’ll Forget How Little You Paid

When Dave asked me to write about the best used cars you can buy for under $20,000 – and have a little fun doing it – I wondered: How does a “car guy” have fun writing on a financial blog? By stirring the pot, of course. Being the guy that apprais … [Read more...]

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In my last post I gave you some questions to ask before you say yes to an extended auto warranty. Today we’ll dive deeper and explore how much car warranties cost and, if you do buy, how to choose the best extended warranty for your needs. As a pr … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: Four Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Extended Auto Warranty

When I was a kid I went along with my father and watched him buy things like televisions, furniture, and even a few cars. He was a shrewd buyer and I remember being impressed how quickly and firmly he said NO to any sort of extended warranty. He … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: What Invoice Pricing Really Means

Negotiating the sale of a new car is a dance: As a buyer, you want to pay as little as possible. As a dealer, I want to run a profitable business. Sometimes, this dance becomes a fight – an unpleasant, drawn-out battle of the wills. Believe it or n … [Read more...]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Maximize Profit When Selling Your Car On The Private Market

Want to maximize the money you get from your used car? Forget trading it in. Sell it yourself. In my experience, there are a couple of key items that will improve the quality of your car’s listing and hopefully increase what you’re able to sell it … [Read more...]

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Car Dealer Secrets: How To Be Confident You’re Getting A Fair Deal On Your Trade-In

Note from David: This is the first post from my friend, Tom. I hope he will be a regular contributor on a subject that is one of the biggest things many of us spend money on: our cars. Tom works in the car industry and has deep insight into how cars … [Read more...]