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Balance Transfer Calculator

Will A Balance Transfer Save You Money?

Our balance transfer calculator estimates how much you can save with a credit card balance transfer.

You'll need to know: 1) Your existing card's APR, 2) How much you can pay monthly, and 3) The new card's APRs and fees. View this information from our recommended balance transfer cards in a new browser tab.

Current Credit Card
  • What you owe; the balance from your current credit card statement.
  • The regular interest rate on your current credit card.
  • EITHER your current card's minimum payment OR a larger monthly amount you plan to pay towards this debt.
New Credit Card
  • The regular interest rate of the new credit card.
Promotional Terms
  • The promotional interest rate of the new credit card.
  • How many months the promotional interest rate is offered by the new card.
  • The new credit card's annual fee.
  • The balance transfer fee of the new credit card. Most are between 3 and 5 percent.
  • The maximum balance transfer fee the new card charges.
Credit Score