The Best Financial Apps for Android

The advent of Google’s Android operating system created a mass of open software applications for personal finance and saving money.

Google and the Open Handset Alliance have made life much easier (and cheaper!) for everything from weekly budgeting to debt reduction to day trading. If your cell phone is powered by Android you have a lot of app choices for your smartphone. To help you narrow the field, here are my five favorite and most useful Android apps available today.

I have rated them by ease of use, personal finance help, and cost.

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Mint for Android

The wildly popular free online budgeting tool has a free app for Android.

The easy-to-use and in-depth free financial application makes keeping track of personal checking and savings accounts, reducing debt and tracking investments easier than ever. The best feature of the Mint app is the budgeting tool that allows you to enter personal finance information like monthly bills, savings goals, income and weekly expenditure.

The Mint app is available for Android versions 1.5, 1.6, 2.0 and 2.1 so almost any phone is compatible. This app is also password protected so no worries about losing the phone and all of your financial info at once!

Debt Snowball

The Debt Snowball app for Android is a fantastic and really simple way to reduce your debt by using the debt snowball technique.

Debt Snowball allows you to enter all outstanding loans and credit card balances into to app including information such as interest rate and monthly repayment amounts.

You enter the amount of money you can afford to pay on a monthly basis (a lump sum) and Debt Snowball allocates the funds in order to reduce the debt in the fastest and most efficient manner, saving money by creating a faster repayment plan, thus lessening finance and interest charges.

PageOnce Personal Assistant

PageOnce Personal Assistant is just what it says: a personal assistant mobile application.

It allows you to enter personal data that you need on a daily basis, such as bank account information, including up to the minute balance, credit card accounts, stock and investment portfolios. My favorite feature of the PageOnce Personal Assistant is the fraud alert feature, which sends instant email alerts if there is any abnormal activity happening in your accounts. You can also see all of your personal finances at a glance, which is handy for quick review.

There is a free version and a more in-depth version for $9.99. Try the free version first to see if you want to invest in the full version!

  • Ease of Use: 3 stars out of 5
  • Personal Finance Help: 4 stars out of 5
  • Cost: Free or $9.99 for full version
  • Link: PageOnce for Android

Google Finance

It’s no surprise that Google Finance tops the list of best financial apps for Android.

Most of us are familiar with Google Finance as a website. The Google Finance app is nearly identical to the .com and includes market summary info, top finance news and the ability to search by company name as well as ticker symbol. If you have a Google finance account you can sync your portfolio information to the app.

The best thing about the Google finance app for Android is that it is an app: instead of trying to access Google Finance through your phone’s web browser, this light and fast app organizes all info in a readable and user friendly manner.


This is my personal favorite app!

OurGroceries is a free grocery list app for Android phones, also available for iPhone and BlackBerry.

My husband and I both have it and it has made our weekly food budget a stable and more fun task than it used to be. OurGroceries lets users create a weekly shopping list that can be shared with other household members. (If we are out of milk and I put milk on the list my husband actually remembers to pick some up!) It makes saving money on food and groceries easy because there is no accidental purchase of multiple items and with a list impulse buys are easier to resist.

You can enter or download recipes and add items from the recipes to the shopping list as well as create lists for multiple stores to save money. For instance, if you buy toilet paper and household cleaners once a month at a different store than your local grocery store to save money you can create a separate list for those items.

Want more apps? Browse our new AppStore featuring 100+ hand-picked financial apps for iOS and Android »


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  1. Shameless self plug warning!!

    Try my app, Ultimate Budgets. It was developed out of necessity that after trying every budgeting app available I gave up and wrote my own. It’s got the best features of all the others integrated with what I think is missing from a satisfactory budgeting app. Oh, did I mention it was also free? Try it.

    Website and screenshots here;

    End of shameless self plug..

    • Ultimate Budget is actually a really nice app… There’s only two issues I’ve seen with it… 1. The sweetness of the graphics or something of that like must make it slow because it takes a second or two to change pages.. not especially bad considering the benefits of the app but still annoying. 2. recurring transactions on a bi-weekly basis would be excellent. So, um, yeah.. otherwise… I loved it but I cannot use it until those issues are fixed… At least until I can set it to divide up my paycheck automatically every two weeks. :D So please fix them!!

  2. For investments, my pick is InvestControl. Everything you can ask from a decent portfolio manager, and it is “broker-neutral”.

  3. For customizable expense tracking I really like Droid Money. It has reminders, low balance notifications, recurring transactions and an exhaustive list of all the currencies. I just got it and I really love it.

  4. I have fallen in love with Andro Money over the last few months. It possess awesome features and I really like it’s graphics. Thanks for suggesting other choices too.