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3 Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting A Job

3 Questions You Must Ask Before Accepting A Job

A job interview isn’t just about the company trying to see if you are good for them. It’s also a chance for you to check out the company. Asking good questions gives you some insight into the company. It also shows your interviewer that you are serious about your career and making an impact within the company.

Networking For Introverts: How To Use Your Introvert Strengths To Make New Connections

4 Keys To Networking For Introverts

If you’re an introvert, you might hate networking. But the truth is, you already have the right skills to network well. You might just need to reframe what you think networking should be about.

Bad Resume Advice To Avoid

Bad Resume Advice You Should Stop Using

Bad resume advice abounds. Lots of tips you see online are based on outdated information. Avoid these three big pieces of misinformation and your resume will have a much higher chance of being seen and considered.

What Your Parents Don’t Understand: 3 Ways The Working World Has Changed For Millennials

3 Career Assumptions That Worked For Your Parents But Won’t Work For You

Things are different for millennials. Our parents’ generation enjoyed some big benefits at work that made it easier to achieve financial stability. Here are three career assumptions your parents made, but you shouldn’t.

Didn’t Get A Raise? Here’s What You Should Do

Didn't Get The Raise Here's What You Should Do

What do you do when you ask for a raise but your boss says “no”? Assuming you’re not a terrible employee, it’s time to get strategic. Here are your options.

How To Get The Most Out Of Networking Events

How to Get the Most Out of Networking Events

“To succeed in this world, you have to be known to people.” Simple advice for smarter networking: Be strategic about the events you attend, be helpful to the people you meet and be quick to set appointments.

Underpaid? It’s Time To Leave; Why Job Hopping Isn’t So Bad

Why Job Hopping Isn't The Worst Thing In The World

Employers used to see job hopping as a big red flag on a candidate’s resume, but times have changed; why job hopping isn’t bad anymore.

Your Employer Wants To Check Your Credit; Now What?

Your Employer Wants Check Your Credit  Now What

Some potential employers want to check your credit during the job application process. The truth about when and why employers look at credit reports.

How To Prepare For A Job Search While Still In College

Five Ways For Upcoming College Grads To Get Ready For The Job Hunt

You should prepare for a job search long before you’ll need the job. Here, things you can do today to make it easier to land a job down the road.

4 Strategies To Boost Your Career Early On So You Get Promoted

4 Ways To Boost Your Career Early On So You Get Promoted

If you want to move up the ladder you’re going to have to boost your career. The earlier you start, the better your chances of getting a promotion.