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How to Work Abroad


Working abroad is a dream for many of us. If your company has an overseas branch take full advantage of that, they help with the paperwork and will help get you settled. If you are going it on your own be sure to tap into the local expat scene for tips on making a new country your home.

Money Mentors: Jacquelyn Zehner on Women and Money


It’s hard not to be impressed by Jacquelyn Zehner. In 1996, she became the youngest woman and first female trader to become a partner at Goldman Sachs. But since then, her work has been even more impressive. Zehner has devoted herself to empowering women to take charge of their personal finances — both in their […]

Make a Million Before 30: A Young Entrepreneur Shares Five Secrets to Success


Let’s face it: There’s a certain allure to achieving the status of millionaire, especially if you can hit the mark before age 30. The trouble is, no matter how many times we’ve heard it in songs (by rich rock stars, to be sure), money can’t buy happiness. There’s a big difference between making a living […]

Why We Both Went Back To Work After Having Kids

Deciding to become a stay-at-home mom or dad after having kids is a big decision.

The decision to return to work can be tough one. If you have the option to stay home it can be tough to decide to go back to work after having kids. Here’s our thought process on the matter and why we both decided to return to work full time

The Only 9 Resume Tips You’ll Ever Need

Writing a good resume isn't rocket science, but you do need to get it right.

The most important part of resume writing is making sure it gets read. Your potential employer will never know how amazing you are if your resume is long, boring, and ugly. Keep it short and to the point with bullet points and lots of white space.

Should You Move For A Job?

Should You Move For A Job

When thinking about moving for a job there is more to consider than just the pay. Being away from your support system can be harder than you think. However, you might be passing on a great opportunity by staying home. We are weighing the options of moving for a job vs. staying put.

How Not To Suck at Applying for a Job

From Facebook: Fans give their best job search advice.

When it comes to landing a job, the magic word is preparation. Take time to research the company for which you are applying and customize your resume to fit the job. Make your resume stand out by focusing on what problems you can solve for your new employer. Ace the interview by knowing yourself, the company, and having a list of questions that show your genuine interest. You want them to feel like theirs is the only job you applied for.

How To Use Social Media To Help—Not Hurt—Your Career


Note from David: It’s been a while since we’ve talked about career issues on Money Under 30, so we’re going to fix that this week. Today, I asked Amber to write about how you can use social networking accounts to help your career. (At the very least, if your Facebook profile photo includes a Solo […]

Invest In Yourself

Have you invested recently…in yourself? If so, leave a comment describing how you invested in yourself, how much it cost, and what you think you’ll get out of it. (Share how you’ve invested in yourself here ») WHY I ASK This week I’m at a conference in Atlanta for my day job, which is selling […]

Earn More Money! Why Spending Less Isn’t the Only Answer

earn more money

Most personal finance advice focuses on spending less, but finding ways to earn more money can help you reach your financial goals faster. Here’s why.