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Why ‘Reliable’ Cars Aren’t Safe from the Mechanic’s Bill: The Most Common Repairs on Popular Sedans


Even if you own a trusty, boring sedan, you still need to set aside money for auto maintenance. Learn the most common repairs on reliable cars like the Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord and Ford Focus.

Funny Money: You Don’t Need a Mechanic: Car Repairs Even You (Yes, You) Can do Yourself

car repair

Are you a mechanical moron like me? Even so, there are at least four easy car repairs you can do yourself to save a few hundred a year. Then again, there are a few auto maintenance jobs you might be tempted to tackle but you really shouldn’t try at home. Trust me.

Rolling in the Dough: How to Drive Your Car to 200,000 Miles


I’ve never owned a new car, and I don’t think I’m missing a thing. For starters, a new car depreciates the second you drive it off the lot. And monthly car payments, whether by lease or purchase, saddle drivers with yet another monthly expense to bear. That’s why I’ll be driving my sweet 1998 Toyota minivan to 200,000 miles and beyond.

Pump Up the Savings: 10 Ways to Spend Less on Gas


These days — and especially with the summer driving season in full swing — conspiracy theories abound as to what’s behind high gas prices. It’s hard to believe that as recently as late 2008, you could find gas at $2 a gallon. In Chicago, where I live, it’s nearly at the $5 a gallon mark. […]

Get the Best Deal on a New Car with One Simple Email

Get the best deal on a new car by creating a public email bidding war among dealers.

How can you get the best deal on a new car? Learn how to send one simple email that will have car dealers scrambling to give you the best deal on a new car.

10 Used Cars Under $20K So Fun To Drive, You’ll Forget How Little You Paid


These affordable used cars are all under $20,000 but are so fun-to-drive, you’ll forget how little you paid as soon as you drift through your first offramp.

Funny Money: How to Deal with Mechanics When You Know Nothing About Cars

A broken car in the snow

Some smart people really love dumb people with problems. Because they are smart enough to know they can trick the dumb people with problems into giving them lots of money to fix those problems … that only they are smart enough to fix. The smart people in this instance are car mechanics, and the dumb […]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Buy An Extended Car Warranty

The powertrain warranty covers the drivetrain, transmission, and engine.

In my last post I gave you some questions to ask before you say yes to an extended auto warranty. Today we’ll dive deeper and explore how much car warranties cost and, if you do buy, how to choose the best extended warranty for your needs. As a preface, we’re talking here about the extended warranties […]

Car Dealer Secrets: Four Questions To Ask Before You Buy An Extended Auto Warranty

Extended auto warranties are like insurance policies for your car's mechanics.

When I was a kid I went along with my father and watched him buy things like televisions, furniture, and even a few cars. He was a shrewd buyer and I remember being impressed how quickly and firmly he said NO to any sort of extended warranty. He taught me to buy quality products; after […]

Car Dealer Secrets: How To Maximize Profit When Selling Your Car On The Private Market

This is an example of a poor eBay car listing.

There are a couple of key items that will improve the quality of your car’s listing and hopefully increase what you’re able to sell it for.