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How To Choose A Credit Card (Smartly)

Whenever I go to a party and people find out what I do, I inevitably get a financial question or two. "What do you think of this mutual fund?" "My financial advisor is underperforming the S&P 500. Should I fire him?" And, quite often: … [Read more...]

Options For Overwhelming Debt: Consolidation, Management, Settlement And Bankruptcy

Is debt overwhelming you? Paying off debt yourself using a debt snowball or avalanche is always the best option for debt elimination. It will be the cheapest way to get out of debt and it forces you to confront the choices that got you into debt … [Read more...]

Snowball Vs Avalanche: Which Debt Payoff Method Is Best?

So, you're tired of being in debt and you are ready to put together a debt elimination plan. Awesome! You may have heard of the debt snowball and it's similar, yet different, partner the debt avalanche. These two methods are almost exactly … [Read more...]

How Upstart Gives Loans To Young Adults Without Credit Scores

There’s been a lot of attention paid to peer-to-peer lending sites such as Lending Club and Prosper. And it’s true, each one offers a lightning-quick application process, with potential approval coming right on its heels. But other than the sky … [Read more...]

In Debt? No Savings? You May Still Be Able To Buy A House (Not That You Should)

Whenever a study is released about millennials and money, the findings are usually depressing. But one recent study caught my eye because it contained some good news for once. Despite their well-publicized economic challenges, millennials r … [Read more...]

Prosper Loans Review: My Experience Getting A Prosper Loan

About 10 years ago, I was struggling with nearly $80,000 of consumer debt -- much of it from credit cards (stupid me!). Although I used many tactics to dig out of that debt in a little over three years, a debt consolidation loan from Prosper ended up … [Read more...]

The Best No Annual Fee Miles Credit Cards That Reward Everyday Purchases

A few weeks ago, we wrote about ways you can earn free travel even if you’re not already a frequent flyer. Instrumental in that saving up enough miles for a gratis vacation is racking up the points using a travel rewards credit card. Specifically, … [Read more...]

Review: Discover it® – Double Cash Back Your First Year

The Discover it® - Double Cash Back your first year -- credit card combines cash back on everyday purchases, a free FICO® credit score with your monthly statement, and competitive intro and regular APRs. Who "it" is for: Discover it® - Double Cash B … [Read more...]

When, If Ever, Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

Not so many years ago, I stared tremendous debt in the face, a direct consequence of losing my full-time job and failing to check my spending. And so for the briefest of moments, I considered bankruptcy. It didn’t take long for the financial gurus … [Read more...]

Shop At Target? The Target Red Card Is A No-brainer Perhaps you’ve heard this advice before: Store credit cards are evil! When the clerk at Old Navy asks you “Do you want to save 10 percent today by opening up a credit card with us?” say, “no way, that’s stupid! Saving 10 perc … [Read more...]