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4 Life-changing Money Lessons From Behavioral Economists

You've likely heard of behavioral finance (or behavioral economics) -- an academic field at the crossroads of psychology and economics that attempts to explain why we human beings do irrational things with our money. Behavioral finance got its s … [Read more...]

Financial Advice From Your Parents You Wish You’d Listened To

Even though my daughter is only 18 months old, I can tell she’s mastered the art of tuning me out, even when she’s staring straight at me and pretending to listen. Chance are, you’ve done the same to your parents, especially when it comes to money … [Read more...]

Why Millennials Are More Stressed About Money Than Anyone Else, And What To Do About It

Earlier this month, the American Psychology Association released their annual "Stress in America" survey, which examines how anxious Americans are, and how this strain affects their physical and mental health. Most of the 3,068 people polled were … [Read more...]

3 Ways Managing Your Emotions Can Help You Manage Money

Money is often thought of as something void of emotion, however, recent studies indicate having high emotional intelligence can actually help you in managing -- and making -- money. So what is emotional intelligence, exactly? Emotional i … [Read more...]

3 Apps That Pay You To Workout And Eat Healthy

How are you doing on your health and fitness goals for the year? Have you stuck to your commitment to exercise five times a week? Have you kicked the soda habit for good? No worries if you haven't, that just means you're normal. An article fro … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving More And Spending Less

You know that if you do enough abdominal crunches and jumping jacks, your stomach will get stronger and you’ll lose some weight. According to psychology experts, the mind is just another muscle that works the same way. If you exercise the brain, y … [Read more...]

How Your Net Worth Is Affected By Self-worth

At some point in your financial life you may have heard that if you don’t believe you can get more money then you won’t get it. The reality is that our perception of ourselves, and how worthy we think we are, has a direct correlation with our net wor … [Read more...]

Let’s Try This Again: Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

This was gonna be the year that you did everything right. You'd hammer out a budget, stick to it with extreme prejudice, set your financial house in order by February and coast to financial efficiency and unimaginable riches the rest of the … [Read more...]

5 Secrets To Help You Change Your Habits For Life

This time of year, perhaps the last thing you want to read is another post about New Year’s resolutions and how to make them stick. Because we all know the majority of us January 1 do-gooders are skipping the gym, smoking and binging on cookies ag … [Read more...]

Five Tips To Help You Quit Gym Memberships

It's not easy to muster the willpower every day. But it's even tougher to face the grim reality that you don't use your gym membership and need to quit. The gym industry thrives on selling monthly, automatically-billed memberships to customers … [Read more...]