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Archive for: Money & Your Mind

How Do You Know When You’re (Financially) Ready To Have Kids?


There’s no magic number for how much money you need to have before having kids. But job stability and a healthy emergency fund are a good start.

How Understanding Your Mind Will Make You A Better Investor

Understand you mind make you a better investor -- MoneyUnder30

Understanding how your mind works will help you make better investments. Discover three concepts that explain how you think — and how that can make you a better investor.

9 Worthy Money Goals For Every Situation: Choose One Now

8 Steps To Setting Smart, Simple Financial Goals

Just do something! Start small. See results. Do it again. Any one of these goals will make you richer. Which will you try?

Stressed About Money? Why You Might Need A Financial Planner, Not A Therapist

Five Reasons Your Financial Planner Beats A Psychologist

Financial planners aren’t just for people who have it all together. If money is stressing you out, the right type of financial planner might be able to help.

The Millennial Dream: Redefining Success in America

How To Figure Out What The American Dream Means To You

The American Dream is changing. Long-term stable job, homeownership, married with two kids and a dog — those were the dreams of our parents. But our dreams often include flexibility, travel, and passion. If a mortgage in a good school district isn’t appealing to you … what is?

3 TV Shows That May Actually Teach You Something About Money

What You Can Learn About Money From Popular TV Shows

If you’re going to binge on some television, these shows come with financial themes from which you just might learn a thing or two.

4 Life-changing Money Lessons From Behavioral Economists

Behavioral Finance Explains How We Save, Squander And Ponder Money

Personal finance is 10 percent math and 90 percent psychology. Here are four ways to leverage your emotions to aide — not sabotage — your finances.

Financial Advice From Your Parents You Wish You’d Listened To

Do What Your Momma Says Financial Advice From Your Parents You Really Should Follow

Did your parents give you good financial advice as a kid? A new survey reveals the strengths and weaknesses of the average parents’ money advice. Problem is, as kids, we weren’t listening.

Why Millennials Are More Stressed About Money Than Anyone Else, And What To Do About It

Why Millennials Are More Stressed Out About Money Than Anyone Else, And What To Do About It

Millennials are more stressed about money than any other demographic, research shows. Why that is, and what you can do about it.

3 Ways Managing Your Emotions Can Help You Manage Money

Managing Emotions

Think money is just about numbers? Wrong! Learning to keep tabs on your emotions will help you make logical and rational financial decisions more often.