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Archive for: Money & Your Mind

3 Apps That Pay You To Workout And Eat Healthy

3 Ways To Get Paid To Meet Your Goals

Did you know you can win money by losing weight, working out, or meeting other goals? Here are apps that pay you to workout, eat your vegetables, and more.

5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving More And Spending Less

5 Ways To Trick Yourself Into Saving More And Spend Less

How much you spend or save is a result of habit. That’s good news, because it means you can trick yourself into saving more. Here’s how.

How Your Net Worth Is Affected By Self-worth

self worth net worth

Make no mistake: Your net worth is affected by self-worth. If you don’t believe you are worth a lot then your bank account balance will reflect that. Here, steps you can take to improve your self-worth, and how it will likely lead to more money — perhaps a lot of it.

Let’s Try This Again: Financial New Year’s Resolutions 2.0

NewYear cropped

We often go overboard when setting goals for the new year. With a clean slate, we are just sure that we can be perfect this year. Unfortunately, that just sets us up for failure. Try aiming for improvement rather than perfection.

5 Secrets To Help You Change Your Habits For Life

Change your habits: 5 secrets to successful lifelong habit change

Is there anything more difficult than breaking a bad habit or cultivating a new, healthy one? Probably not. But just in time for new year’s resolutions, you can make changing your habits easier with these five tricks studied (and proven) by psychologists.

Five Tips To Help You Quit Gym Memberships

Five Tips To Help You Quit Gym Memberships

It’s hard to admit that you really aren’t ever going to go to the gym. It can be even tougher to cancel that membership. Gyms love members who never show up and they don’t want you to stop paying for a service you never use. Here are some tips to guide you through canceling your gym membership.

How Do You Hope to Improve Your Finances Next Year?

How Do You Hope to Improve Your Finances Next Year-

Goal setting is hugely important for actually getting what you want. It’s one thing to wish for something, it’s another thing to actually make a plan to get it. Goal setting is part of that plan.

What Should You Do With A Year-end Bonus Check?

What should you do with your Christmas bonus check?

If you’re fortunate enough to receive a holiday bonus, consider the best way to use the money before it disappears.

To Be Happy, Spend Money On Experiences, Not Possessions

To be happier, spend money on experiences, not more stuff.

Buying more stuff will never make you happy, but running a Tough Mudder might. How young adults are driving the growth of the experience-based economy.

Should Your Parents Still Be Your First Stop For Financial Advice When You’re 30?

33 percent of millenials ages 25-34 still turn to their parents for financial advice.

Studies show millennials well into their 30s still turn to their parents for financial advice. That’s not a bad thing if mom and dad were good with money, but perhaps you shouldn’t rely on parental advice alone — especially when it comes your finances.