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Archive for: Money & Your Mind

10 Things About Money 30-somethings Wish We Knew In Our 20s

Things about money 30-somethings wish we knew in our 20s.

You don’t have to be that much older to realize you were recently young and foolish, especially when it comes to money.

Money Manners: How to Ask Your Parents For Money

Asking your parents for money is awkward, but if they can afford it it's better than going into debt.

Admitting you need financial help from mom or dad isn’t easy, but it may be better than going into debt (if they can afford it). Here’s how to ask tactfully.

Funny Money: 5 Types Of Money Morons And How To Avoid Becoming One

5 Types of Money Morons & How to Avoid Becoming One

Money management doesn’t come naturally to many folks. Worse, some people take on a lifestyle of ridiculous budgeting and spending practices without realizing just how wrong they are. You probably know of these characters — you might even be one yourself!

Want Or Need? How You See This Blurred Line Is (Almost) Everything

Be on the lookout for these signs of financial literacy.

Let’s say you have a friend who earns the same salary. You both have similar student loan balances and neither of you have inherited money. How can your friend own a condo and a paid-in-full car while you struggle to pay the bills each month? Or vice versa? These simple but powerful factors that make some people seem so “good with money.”

For Part-time Entrepreneurs, How To Find A Side Business And Make It Successful

Advice for finding side business ideas and making your part-time business a success.

The side hustle is perhaps the single best thing you can do for your finances and your career. But getting started is the hardest part. Advice on finding your muse and ensuring your side business goes the distance.

Funny Money: 5 Money Lies People Tell You

Lies people tell you about money.

When it comes to money, almost everyone lies. Here’s how to see through five common money lies so many people tell.

Funny Money: How To Collect Money From People Who Owe You

A guide to getting back money from just about anybody who owes you money.

If someone owes you money — a friend, a client, a company — collecting that debt will require you to be persistent and shameless. Although it might be tempting to grab a tire iron and threaten physical violence, these tricks for collecting money owed will help you apply some pressure without landing in prison.

How The Sunk Cost Fallacy Leads You To Make Crappy Financial Decisions

The sunk cost fallacy is an economic principal that can cause us to make irrational decisions based on past expenses that cannot be recovered.

In economics, a sunk cost is a past expense that cannot be recovered. Too often, we mistakenly let these sunk costs influence personal financial decisions. Learning to identify the sunk cost fallacy can help us make better decisions by looking ahead, not back.

Funny Money: 5 Money Mistakes To Avoid In Your 20s

dejected twenty something

Sure, your 20s are a time to mess up, learn from your mistakes, and grow wiser before life gets even harder. But kind of like herpes, some money mistakes will come back to haunt you year after year. Here are a few you want to try to avoid.

Five Money Talks To Have Before You Get Married

It takes married couples longer to recover from financial arguments than any other kind.

Research shows that it takes married couples longer to recover from money arguments than any other kind. The cure is to talk about money honestly, early and often.