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Money Does, In Fact, Buy Happiness, But Only If You Use It Right (Here’s The Secret)

Does money buy happiness? Yes and no. The surprising facts.

Whomever said “money doesn’t buy happiness” didn’t have all the facts. Here, research shows how using money in certain ways, but not others, can actually make you happier.

Can Tithing Make You Rich? Why Some Of The World’s Wealthiest Give Away 10 Percent Of Their Money

Why Tithe? How giving away 10% can make you rich.

Proponents of tithing–the act of giving 10 percent of your income to church or charity–say the practice leads to a healthier financial life, even to greater abundance. Here, why there may be truth in the centuries-old promise: “One gives freely, yet grows all the richer.”

Funny Money: Dribbling All Over Your Brackets for Fun and Profit

The fun and profit of NCAA Bracketology

This is the year: Get ready to crush your local March Madness bracket and rake in the cash — even if you know absolutely nothing about college basketball.

Funny Money: Dirt Cheap Eats; The 5 Best Values in Fast Food


Crunch your salad if you want, but nothing fills a gut on a budget like greasy fast food goodness. Here, five-dirt cheap fast food values on sale now.

Overcoming Obstacles to Earning More: Beat Your Fear of Failure and the ‘Not Enough Time’ Excuse


You want to earn more money by starting a side hustle but you’re worried you don’t have the time and you’re afraid of rejection. How do you beat your fear of failure and overcome the oldest excuse in the book: “I don’t have the time”?

Funny Money: 5 Ways to Recession-proof Your Life

Author Kimberly Palmer

You can kick butt in good times AND bad. The key? Steps you take NOW to recession-proof your life and income. Do you have a plan in the event you lose your job? If not, this is required reading.

To Make Your New Year’s Resolution Stick — Aim Lower

To make your New Year's resolutions stick, try aiming lower and get several small victories under your belt.

Specific and actionable goals are more likely to be met. Setting a goal of “I want to earn more money.” isn’t as good as “I want to earn an extra $300 per month.” The second goal is specific. You can really start planning and acting on a specific goal which means you are more likely to succeed.

Survey Finds Most Americans are Delusional About Their Money — Are You?

Americans give others failing grades for saving, yet give themselves an A. Are you delusional about your money skills?

We give others failing marks for saving and investing, but give ourselves an A or a B! Something doesn’t add up. Are you delusional about your money skills?

10 Astonishingly Common Misconceptions About Money


Misinformation is dangerous. In medicine, it can kill. With money, it can cost us millions in a lifetime. So if you believe any of these 10 things, stop!

How To Negotiate Anything (Even if You’re Shy Or Afraid)

How to negotiate anything.

What’s a fast way to more money in your pocket? Learn how to negotiate everything: your salary, the price of a car, or even a hotel room. Anything! Here’s how, and how anyone can (and should!) overcome shyness or anxiety about negotiating.