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Archive for: Personal Finance

Stich Fix vs. Le Tote: Which Subscription Clothing Service Is Worth The Cost?


Le Tote and Stich Fix offer a personalized clothes-shopping experience by mail. Their personal stylists will help design your look, and you can try on everything in the comfort of your home. But are they worth the extra cost?

Your Anxiety-Free Guide To Holiday Tipping


Holiday tips and gifts are a nice way of saying “thank you” to the people who make your life easier throughout the year. But it can be hard to decide whom you should tip and how much. Let this guide make it easy.

Do I Need A Will? Who Needs A Will (And When)


I’m young and single—I don’t need a will, right? Maybe. Here’s who needs to get a will drafted right away — and who can get away without one.

How 20-somethings Use Credit Cards (And Why Many Don’t)


Young adults pay with debit cards and cash over credit cards three-to-one. Are we spending smartly or missing out on valuable perks credit cards offer?

The Best Personal Finance Apps

The Best Personal Finance Apps

Our 10 favorite personal finance apps will keep your spending, saving and investing on track.

How To Do Work You Love Without Taking An Oath Of Poverty

How To Do Work You Love Without Taking An Oath Of Poverty

Breaking out on your own can be scary. You can prepare to make the switch to self-employed by ensuring your finances are in order before you quit your job.

The One-page Financial Plan (And The Best Money Advice You’ll Get All Year)

Book review: The One-page Financial Plan by Carl Richards.

A book to add to your “must-reads”: The One-page Financial Plan by Carl Richards is your guide to making smarter money decisions (without the stress and guilt.)

Check Out The Jaw-dropping Price Tags On These Luxury Versions Of Everyday Items

$100,000 razor

The ultra-rich have no shortage of places to spend their money. Luxury doesn’t just mean mansions, yachts and Lamborghinis anymore. No. It can also mean spending piles of cash on things you could get at the drug store for a few bucks. See here.

10 Pro Athletes Who Earned Millions…Then Lost It All

Allen Iverson cropped

If you’ve ever doubted the advice “it’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you save,” here are 10 cautionary examples. These pro athletes had millions, until they didn’t. Real-life stories of athletes who went broke.

Forget Buy Low, Sell High: This Simple Investing Strategy Yields Even Better Results

Why dollar cost averaging is better than trying to time the market.

If you’re trying to time the market or buy low and sell high, just stop. This classic investment strategy is easier and, most likely, just as profitable.