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What's Coming Up at Money Under 30

In the next two weeks, get ready for some serial posts, a contest, and a new website announcement! My head is spinning with ideas, and I'm working on them just as fast as I can. Here's a look at what's coming to Money Under 30 soon: … [Read more...]

Money Under 30 Has a New Logo

I would like to thank Casey Thomas for designing Money Under 30's new logo. Though I have taken this blog through several design iterations, I always just typed out Money Under 30 in the header. I always wanted a logo, but never could come up with … [Read more...]

Software Updates Today and Tonight

Today (Feb. 4, 2008), MoneyUnder30 will be undergoing a long-overdue backup and update to the version of Wordpress used to power the site. If the site looks really funky, this is why. I apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you. David. … [Read more...]

What Recession? I’m Going Shopping

The markets are seesawing, the big banks are panicking, and W. is throwing U.S. taxpayers a $300 - $1,200 bone. At my age (27 as of next week), I couldn’t be happier. … [Read more...]

My Favorite 50 Personal Finance Websites of 2007

I love “best of” year-end countdowns, so I decided to write one of my own: My favorite 50 personal finance websites of 2007! … [Read more...]

A Showcase of What Personal Finance Blogging is All About

Credit Card Lowdown recently published an impressive list of the 100 Most Inspiring Personal Finance Turnaround Stories Online which includes this site. … [Read more...]

MoneyUnder30 Wins In NetWorthIQ Tips Contest

Over the weekend I learned that my submission won the "Editor's Choice" category in NetWorthIQ's April personal finance tip contest! … [Read more...]

Living on $10 an Hour, America's Income Gap, New Yorker Spending, and More

What does it like to live on $10 an hour? Is America's income gap good or bad? How much is a dollar worth in Manhattan? This month, New York Magazine has written a provocative series on money in New York. A Hard Earned Life, my favorite article, … [Read more...]

Personal Finance Posts from the Problogger Group Writing Project

This week, hosts a group writing project featuring “how to” blog posts from around the globe. Along with Money Under 30’s post Ex-Car Salesman Tells All: How to Beat the Auto Dealerships at Their Own Game, here are some noteworthy contr … [Read more...]