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With A SoFi Mortgage, Put As Little As 10% Down With Flexible Debt-to-income Limits

Traditionally, even well qualified homebuyers face a dilemma when applying for a mortgage: Put at least 20 percent down or pay private mortgage insurance (PMI). A new mortgage product from SoFi changes that equation. SoFi is a rapidly growing … [Read more...]

Where You Live Matters: 10 Cities With Affordable Housing And High Wages

What do many 30-year old millionaires, 35-year old retirees and the residents of Rochester, Minn. have in common? When it came time to decide where to live, they chose wisely. On the road to wealth, where you live can have a profound effect on … [Read more...]

How To Qualify For A Mortgage When You’re Self Employed

It can be difficult to apply for a mortgage even if you have a steady job. But qualifying for a mortgage when you’re self-employed is a real challenge. Mortgage lenders have a built-in bias against the self-employed. They tend to see salaried w … [Read more...]

How Your Credit Scores Affect Mortgage Rates

It's no surprise that your credit scores are instrumental in getting approved for a mortgage. Even so, you may not realize just how many ways your credit scores affect mortgage rates and all aspects of the mortgage application process. Your credit … [Read more...]

How Much House Can You Afford?

We first published "How Much House Can You Afford", but we've been getting a lot of questions about the subject recently. In fact, we've also been getting a lot of people asking why they haven't been approved for a mortgage. In many cases, we simply … [Read more...]

Why You Should Consider Real Estate Investing In Your Twenties

Buying rental properties can be a great investment if you take the time to educate yourself about the process and the best ways to get great returns. However, most people who are interested in buying rental properties or real estate as an investment … [Read more...]

How We Save: Investing In Real Estate On The Side, Even With Two Young Kids

At 31, Fermin Saucedo has his hands full. He’s the father of two young children, so it’s a new game for him financially speaking compared to a few years back. He has to figure out a way to save up for his kids’ education and do his part to support … [Read more...]

Check For These 5 Dealbreakers Before You Buy A House

There are few financial endeavors more exciting -- or frightening -- than buying your first house. You're making what will likely be the biggest purchase of your life, handing over your life's savings and committing yourself to monthly payments for … [Read more...]

Should You Buy Or Rent?

For most of us, buying a home (or not) is the biggest financial decision of our young adult lives. There’s no easy answer to the question “is it better to rent or buy?” It depends on so many factors: Your age, your finances, your neighborhood, your … [Read more...]

For Homeowners, Apps That Organize Everything: From The Mortgage To The Leaky Sink

If you’re new to owning a house, townhome or condo, right now’s a great time to think about home improvement. Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies forecasts double-digit gains in home improvement spending for 2014, according to its Le … [Read more...]