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What Can You Get for $1 Million or More? 5 Celebrity Listings Active Now


Go ahead, gawk at some celebrity homes for sale. It’s a guilty pleasure, but you might even learn a thing or two about the real estate market.

The 4 Things You Must Do Before You Apply for a Mortgage


If you’re thinking about getting a mortgage, homework can pay off to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Your income, spending and credit all come into play — as does the type of loan you choose and how much you borrow. Here are four things you must consider before you apply for a mortgage.

So, You Want to Become a Real Estate Agent? You Must Read This First


Experienced Realtor Sarah Davis answers common questions from people wanting to become a real estate agent. How do you break into the business? How much do Realtors earn? Is it practical to sell real estate part-time?

Before You Move, Consider This: Where You Choose to Live Has a Surprising Impact on How Rich You Feel


Cost of living matters: a six-figure salary in San Francisco might not make up for the fact you can only buy a walk-in closet for less than half a million. Before you move to a new city, here are seven financial factors to consider.

FHA Mortgage Loans: A Good Idea For First-Time Buyers?

FHA loans are designed to low to moderate income home-buyers afford a house with more lenient credit score requirements and a low down payment. The pros and cons of using an FHA loan to buy your first house.

Building Your Dream Home Sounds Sooo Romantic, But…

Building your dream home may not be as dreamy as you thiknk.

Building your dream home is a lifelong aspiration for many, but the process itself isn’t all that dreamy. Here are six pains to the new home construction process (and herding a dozen different contractors is only the beginning).

How to Sell Your Home When You Might (Barely) Break Even


Appreciation is nice, but sometimes you just need to get rid of your house. Here’s how to sell your home to break even after factoring all potential costs.

How To Qualify For An FHA Loan

FHA loans help you buy a home with limited credit or a reduced down payment. Learn how to qualify for an FHA loan and what to expect when you apply.

15-Year Mortgage vs 30-Year Mortgages


You’ll pay far less interest on a 15-year mortgage, but the bigger payment can mean less financial flexibility. These are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding between a 15-year and 30-year mortgage.

How to Pay Off Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) and Save $200 a Month


Though PMI is tax deductible through the end of 2013, most homeowners would rather actually save the money each month than have another write off come tax time.