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Emergency Funds: Everything You Need To Know

Everything you need to know about emergency funds.

Wherever you are on the journey to “getting better with money”, the concept of an emergency fund–rainy day savings that will be there for you in case the unthinkable happens–is critical. Because having some money put aside is simply so vital to getting on your feet financially–which is what this site is here to help you do–we put together this comprehensive article.

Quick Look: Venmo, A New Favorite P2P Payment App


Venmo makes it easy to pay friends or family, without cash. Read why this new app for iOS and Android could replace your checkbook, your PayPal account, even your ATM card.

How Much Freedom Do You Have Saved?

Make saving easier by changing the way you think about putting money aside.

Stop seeing your money for the things it can buy. Start seeing money for the freedom it can buy.

Interest Checking Accounts: The Best Banks for Online Checking

Best interest checking accounts compared: Find an online checking account now.

Why pay checking fees when you can earn interest on your checking balance with top national banks that offer online interest checking accounts. Compare now.

Alternatives To Savings Accounts

With savings account rates under 1.00% APR, where can you earn a better return on your cash? We compare three savings account alternatives.

The Last Budget You’ll Ever Need

Budgeting is simple: Subtract your bills from what you earn; save or spend what's left.

Budgeting is is a necessary evil; it’s so boring and most of us never stick with it. Let’s change that. Learn an easy way to budget in just minutes a month.

This Super-simple Strategy Can Make Anyone A Millionaire; Why Aren’t You Using It Yet?


Saving money CAN be easy, and successful savers have known the secret — to pay yourself first — for decades. The simplicity of automatic banking transfers makes paying yourself first even faster — and more foolproof — than ever before. If you don’t follow any other financial advice, do THIS!

How to Save Money on a Limited Income


Yes, it’s possible to save money on a limited income, you just need a saving strategy that works. Here’s how I learned to stash a few dollars away even when I was barely making ends meet.

How I Make Online Banking More Secure

Make online banking more secure with 2-step verification, unique usernames, and keeping private data out of emails.

Thieves, jealous exes, and the NSA all want to hack your email. What’s to stop them from trying your bank account?

Moven My Cash Around: My Experience Using the Moven App


The Moven app is a new contender in the area of budgeting and spend tracking programs. Unlike many, Moven is not free, but offers some perks that others do not. Is it worth it? I’ve been using Moven for the past few weeks; here’s my take.