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E*Trade Complete and Max Rate Checking Review

You may be familiar with E*Trade as one of the first online stock brokers. What you may not know is that E*Trade is also a great place to bank. They even do home loans and credit cards. E*Trade Max Rate Checking E*Trade's Max Rate checking … [Read more...]

Why Checks Will Disappear

How often do you write a paper check? A few times a month? Less? Debit cards, online bill-pay, direct deposit, and electronic checking accounts are making the paper check more and more obsolete. And soon, checks will vanish completely. In Britain, … [Read more...]

Simple Budget Worksheet

Budgeting is good for you, but often we don't do it. There's a big reason why most budgets fail, but close to the top of the list are all the complicated tools people use for budgeting. Some exercise is better than none. And a simple budget is … [Read more...]

Free Savings Calculators on the Web

Leading online savings bank FNBO Direct is relaunching its pay yourself first challenge with a handy savings calculator that lets you quickly evaluate your monthly saving and spending and find new ways to save. Here's a preview of FNBO's savings … [Read more...]

How Much Money Is In Your Checking Account?

Sometimes I’m fascinated by the simplest personal finance concepts—like the difference between keeping money in your checking account versus a savings account. The way I see it, there are a few different models to divide up your cash between checking … [Read more...]

Ally Bank Online Savings Account Review

There's a new national bank competing in the high yield savings account market. Ally Bank offers several online savings options that market-leading interest rates, including an online savings account that requires no minimum opening deposit or min … [Read more...]

How Much Money Should You Have Saved by 30?

It's among the most common questions I get: How much money should I have saved by 30? (Or by 25, 22, etc.) Of course, it's always seemed to me to be a silly question, because everybody has unique financial, lifestyle, and career situations. Still, … [Read more...]

Should You Be Reluctant to Use Your Emergency Fund?

The goal of having an emergency fund is two-fold. For one, your emergency savings can replace your income (at least for a few months) should you lose your job. But an emergency fund has another equally-important function: to allow you to pay for … [Read more...]

Online Savings Accounts Provide Benefits Beyond Yield

These days, savers are bemoaning the plummeting interest rates on online savings accounts. Just two years ago, rates were 4%, 5%, even 6%. Now most online savings accounts pay yields less than 2%. Although I did write about alternatives to high yield … [Read more...]

More About Closing Credit Card Accounts and Your FICO Score

One of the most common questions I receive via my contact form is: “Can I close old, unused credit card accounts without hurting my credit score?” Most often, the answer is no. Here’s why. … [Read more...]