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Funny Money: How to Watch NFL Football for Little or No Money

Like any addiction, the NFL comes with built-in costs that can only truly be known by the addicts themselves, as well as their friends and family. Fans set aside business obligations, yardwork and family time to yell at the screen for hours on end. … [Read more...]

Funny Money: A Field Guide to Money-Sucking Friend, Family Members and Acquaintances, Part 2

Back in March, I shared my original field guide to financial leeches that surround every one of us. But that was just the beginning. There are more types of people out there whose main purpose in life seems to be sucking your wallet dry than … [Read more...]

Fix Your Own iPhone? Why Not — How to Save Hundreds with DIY Electronics Repair

That we live in a throwaway society hardly counts as news anymore, but it should. By conservative estimates, some 250 million computers became obsolete through 2010, making for a trash heap humongous enough to swallow the Silicon Valley. Now think … [Read more...]

Funny Money: 5 Things Totally Worth Overspending On And 5 Things That Are Totally Not

At a certain point, minimalism turns into masochism, and frugality is just foolishness. Some things in life are simply worth paying for. Meaning, the stuff you use every day, that has a major effect on your quality of life. Like socks. If your … [Read more...]

Pump Up the Savings: 10 Ways to Spend Less on Gas

These days — and especially with the summer driving season in full swing — conspiracy theories abound as to what’s behind high gas prices. It's hard to believe that as recently as late 2008, you could find gas at $2 a gallon. In Chicago, where I live, … [Read more...]

Funny Money: Cheap Alternatives to Common Everyday Expenses

Everyone frets over major purchases and overanalyzes them as if their financial future depends on their choices. But rest assured that when you've really screwed things up and you're sitting there wondering where it all went wrong, it will have been … [Read more...]

The 20 Best Cities in America to be Young, Broke and Single

We've seen all sorts of finance-based top 10 cities lists that either state the obvious or seem oblivious. No doubt you've seen them, too, and perhaps rolled your eyes: the 10 best places to get a job, own a home, start a family, hit the lottery ... … [Read more...]

Funny Money: Hidden Costs to Avoid at All Costs, Part Two

Last week I ranted about the ways weddings, funerals, cars and cell phones have a way of latching their leech-like maws onto your wallet and siphoning away unexpected costs. This week yields the epic sequel to that potboiler. Expect thrills, chills … [Read more...]

15 Manly Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad

As I approach my third Father's Day as a dad, it still feels weird to be among the celebrated on the third Sunday of June. But as I dutifully attempt to evenly share parental duties with Lauren -- changing poopy diapers, dispensing bottles, and … [Read more...]

How to Save on Getting to and From the Airport

Sure, it’s great if you’re able to find ways to save on flights. But that’s only part of the battle. You’re also facing costs of getting to and from the airport and to your destination once you land. Here’s a guide to dealing with the the costs of gro … [Read more...]