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How to Make The Most Money From Your Garage Sale

Make more money at your next garage sale.

You already know that selling your stuff is a great way to declutter and earn extra money. But did you know that you can double or triple the money you can earn from your garage sale or yard sale with a few crafty tricks? Learn how from a garage sale pro.

Money Manners: When Your Best Friend Earns More…And Always Picks Up The Check

shocked colleague

When you earn less than a close friend, it can be awkward to decline invites to pricey meals and vacations. But should you feel bad if the friend routinely insists on paying your way? And how do you politely decline in the event you simply don’t want to go?

Don’t Drink And Buy: How Many Of These Ways Have You Wasted Money…While Wasted?


Reflections on some of the stupid things we do with money after overindulging.

How To Save Serious Money On Gas This Summer With Loyalty Cards, More

gas rewards cards title image

Gas prices in the United States are creeping higher, but you can stave off at least some of the pain at the pump with new gas station loyalty cards and other fuel rewards programs.

What To Buy — And What Not To Buy — At The Dollar Store

What to always buy at the dollar store.

Despite the name, not everything is cheaper at your local dollar store. Shop dollar stores smarter by learning to discern the deals from the duds.

Money Manners: How Much To Tip For Food Delivery

How much do you tip for food delivery?

A miserly reader asks: “Do I even need to tip 10 percent to someone who isn’t actually taking my order, saying hello, and all of the other stuff waiters do?”

Funny Money: 4 Tightwad Tips For Going On Road Trips Without Getting Taken For A Ride

open road

Hit the road this summer with whatever spare change you have in your pocket. How to criss-cross the country without sabotaging your savings.

Quick Look: Savvy Spreadsheets, An Easy Way To Budget With Excel

Savvy Spreadsheets is an easy, affordable way to start budgeting with Excel.

Use Microsoft Excel to manage your monthly budget with the easy templates from Savvy Spreadsheets. No Excel knowledge required.

Unbelievable Technologies That Will Change The Way You Shop Forever

5 unbelievable technologies that will change the way you shop forever

Bright minds are hard at work finding ways to get you more stuff, faster. These digital technologies will make shopping easier than it probably should be.

This Website Could Save You Thousands On Health Care

Comparing Health Insurance Costs

A doctor’s office is perhaps the only place you purchase services without any idea what they cost. One groundbreaking website is changing that.