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How to Negotiate Discounts And Freebies For Your Dream Wedding

bride and flowers

Weddings are a blast to dream about, but can be terrifying when it’s time to consider the costs. We talked with someone who has great first-hand advice for cutting down the expense of your upcoming wedding without having to sacrifice your big plans.

6 Ways To Financially Prepare For Grad School

What you shouldn't forget when figuring out how to fund your graduate degree

Though often a sound investment, graduate school is a costly affair. Before enrolling, there are things you can do to financially prepare for grad school including studying your anticipated return on investment (ROI), making a borrowing plan and putting your existing budget and credit accounts in order.

Money Manners: How To Help A Friend Who Is Bad With Money

How to handle friends who are bad with money.

What do you do when a friend makes stupid financial decisions? What if she asks you for a loan? How to handle friends who are bad with money.

Angie’s List Review: An Inexpensive Way To Find The Best Contractors (And More)

Angie's List review: Find the best contractors

Lauren and I subscribed to Angie’s List — a paid review site for contractors — when we bought our first home. For the price, the service has been invaluable for finding the best help fast.

Three Easy Ways To Save Serious Money On Your Wedding

save on your wedding, 3 ways to

The cost for the average wedding is approaching $30,000. That’s serious money. Assuming you want some cash left over for important stuff — you know, like a place to live — here are three easy ways to dramatically slash costs on your wedding day.

How to Make The Most Money From Your Garage Sale

Make more money at your next garage sale.

You already know that selling your stuff is a great way to declutter and earn extra money. But did you know that you can double or triple the money you can earn from your garage sale or yard sale with a few crafty tricks? Learn how from a garage sale pro.

Money Manners: When Your Best Friend Earns More…And Always Picks Up The Check

shocked colleague

When you earn less than a close friend, it can be awkward to decline invites to pricey meals and vacations. But should you feel bad if the friend routinely insists on paying your way? And how do you politely decline in the event you simply don’t want to go?

Don’t Drink And Buy: How Many Of These Ways Have You Wasted Money…While Wasted?


Reflections on some of the stupid things we do with money after overindulging.

How To Save Serious Money On Gas This Summer With Loyalty Cards, More

gas rewards cards title image

Gas prices in the United States are creeping higher, but you can stave off at least some of the pain at the pump with new gas station loyalty cards and other fuel rewards programs.

What To Buy — And What Not To Buy — At The Dollar Store

What to always buy at the dollar store.

Despite the name, not everything is cheaper at your local dollar store. Shop dollar stores smarter by learning to discern the deals from the duds.