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Seven Easy Green Habits That Save Green, Too; Plus: Earth Day Freebies

Earth Day turns 45 on April 22, and the event started by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson in 1970 continues to grow in popularity and impact. In fact, the event has gained such widespread acceptance that it’s become much more than a fringe celebration. In … [Read more...]

Are You Paying Too Much For Your Phone? The Genius Savings Strategies The Carriers Don’t Want You To Know

It’s official, oh lovers of mobile: Choosing the cheapest cell phone plan is a headache. That was the headline of a piece CNN Money ran in February, and in it writer Adrian Covert sums up the complexities brilliantly: “Finding the wireless plan tha … [Read more...]

The Top 20 Ways Americans Love to Waste Money; Are You Guilty?

Coffee. Coffee shop coffee at $5 a pop for venti with all the trimmings. How many times have we been told by financial mavens that this is the one thing you need to trim from your budget that’s wasteful? My guess is you’ve been told that a lot. And … [Read more...]

Dress to Impress: Insiders Share 4 Frugal Fashion Strategies

Even if you’re dead set on saving money, you’re going to want to splurge on some new threads sometimes. Don’t feel too guilty about it. You should spend some money on nice clothing. Why do clothes deserve their own line in your monthly budget? One … [Read more...]

iBank Review: Financial Software for Macs (Nope, Not a Web App; That’s a Good Thing)

If you’re a Mac user looking for full-featured software to automatically aggregate your bank accounts, track your spending, and manage your investments, your search may be over with iBank. We’ve been tracking numerous budgeting Websites and apps si … [Read more...]

Funny Money: How Not to Suck at Shopping for a New Computer

If you read Highlights magazine when you were a wee whippersnapper, you remember the comic strip Goofus and Gallant. The former was an oblivious idiot who screwed everything up, and the latter was a pompous dweeb obsessed by acting so self-righteous … [Read more...]

Money Manners: What To Say When Friends — or Mom and Dad — Ask About Your Money

A reader recently asked: I’m sick of my mom asking how much money I make. So far, I’ve been able to just mumble and walk away, but she keeps asking. My friends are nosy in their own way. I just rented a new apartment, and no one seems to think t … [Read more...]

How to Haggle for a Better Price on Almost Everything

When you see a price tag, you probably assume you have to pay that price. That’s not necessarily true. Last year, Consumer Reports found that 89 percent of people who haggled for better deals when shopping were given an extra discount at least o … [Read more...]

Money Manners: Do You Have to Chip in for Office Gifts and Parties?

This month, a reader wrote in about a tricky work-related financial issue: “I don’t love my job or the people I work with. But since no one has called me back for any other jobs, I imagine I’ll be here for awhile. At least once a month, someone col … [Read more...]

How to Start Travel Hacking: Fly for Little or Nothing (Even in First Class)

This July, I’m flying my family of four from Portland, Maine to San Antonio for a family wedding...for free. Had I paid for the airfare, the cost would ring in at over $2,000. Also awesome: I’ve gotten free first-class upgrades on about six out … [Read more...]