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Money Manners: How Much To Tip For Food Delivery

This month, a reader asked, “I have food delivered to my house once a week. Some online food delivery companies, like Grub Hub, give you three tip options - 10, 15, and 20 percent. But do I even need to tip 10 percent to someone who isn't actually t … [Read more...]

Funny Money: 4 Tightwad Tips For Going On Road Trips Without Getting Taken For A Ride

They call to you like sirens. Warm weather, beckoning tourist traps and the open road all convince you to act against your better judgment, chuck it all and head off for the sake of heading off. Problem is, the call of the road also coaxes the … [Read more...]

Quick Look: Savvy Spreadsheets, An Easy Way To Budget With Excel

The first step towards taking control of your finances is making a budget. One that clearly, and accurately, reflects how much money you’re making, and where that money is going. Too often, folks will make an honest effort in making a budget, but end … [Read more...]

Unbelievable Technologies That Will Change The Way You Shop Forever

Take a moment to think about how you bought things—or, depending on your age, how your parents bought things—less than a decade ago. The iPhone was in its infancy back in 2007, and it’s likely that the late Steve Jobs, for all his vision, couldn’t hav … [Read more...]

This Website Could Save You Thousands On Health Care

When it comes to most consumer categories, from food to auto insurance, Americans have confidence that they can shop for the best prices around without sacrificing on the quality of the product or service. But when it comes to health care, all you … [Read more...]

Funny Money: 5 Things You Can Say To Customer Service Reps To Get Your Way

There's an art to dealing with customer service reps, especially ornery, rogue reps who seem like they're out to get you. But let me fill you in on a little secret. No rep, no matter how angry-sounding, is out to ruin your life. All they really … [Read more...]

A Travel Hacker’s Secrets Revealed: How You Can Travel The World In Style For Next To Nothing

Over at my blog Noob Traveler, I educate my readers on how they can travel like rock stars with rewards miles and points. My wife and I have been traveling like this for years now, and there's nothing special about us. Trust me. I just know a few … [Read more...]

Money Manners: Should You Pick Up The Tab For Unemployed Friends And Family?

This month, a reader wrote: My older sister has been out of a job for two years. She’s trying hard to find work but hasn’t had any luck. I feel for her, but I’m also starting to feel like she’s taking advantage of me. Whenever there’s a family birthd … [Read more...]

Quick Look: Amazon Prime Pantry Costs A Pretty Penny

Irked by Amazon’s bump in the cost of Prime membership? The e-commerce giant hopes you might find solace in their latest offering of premium services: Prime Pantry. In addition to free two-day shipping and a growing list of streaming media, Amazon … [Read more...]

Funny Money: Don’t Cut The Cord; Why You Should Just Submit To Your Evil Cable Company

Admitting you pay a monthly cable bill these days is like handing out the number to a land line or offering to lend someone a VHS tape. Ever since video streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video became ubiquitous, the … [Read more...]