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Stop! Don’t Do Your Taxes Until You Read This: The Best Tax Software Compared

The good news for those who haven't filed their 2013 taxes yet is that there’s still plenty of time—about a month and a half—to meet or beat the April 15 deadline. But with taxes, it’s too often a matter of procrastination: Wait long enough, and that … [Read more...]

Are Your Investments Tax Efficient? 3 Things to Check

In the investing world, tax efficiency refers to how well your investment portfolio takes advantage of legal ways to avoid or defer paying taxes on your returns. Tax-efficient investing sounds intimidating, but the basics are easier than you might … [Read more...]

Death and Taxes…and Divorce? Don’t Let Tax Time Bring Your Marriage Down

April 15 has come and gone and besides your finances, what else has been compromised? For many of us, it's our relationships. We've all heard Ben Franklin's  famous quote, “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Whil … [Read more...]

Gift Tax: Don’t Fear Taxes When You Give (Or Receive)

When generous Aunt Betty slips you a $5,000 check on your birthday, do you have to pay taxes on her cash gift? And when you send an annual donation to your favorite charity or alma mater, does anybody pay taxes on that gift? The answer in both cases … [Read more...]

Your Tax Document Checklist: The No-Stress Guide To Filing Your Taxes, Part 1

This Website is all about taking confusing, boring topics and presenting them as clearly as possible. And few topics are more confusing and boring than taxes. So whether taxes simply fail to excite you or flat out freak you out, we're going to try … [Read more...]

What The Fiscal Cliff Deal Means For Your Taxes

A month ago, all everyone was hearing about was this darn fiscal cliff. Are we gonna go off the cliff? Are taxes going up? Going down? What exactly is Congress doing up there on that hill? Is the world going to end as we know it?! Phew, it was … [Read more...]

What’s Happening to My Taxes? The Fiscal Cliff Compromise in 60 Seconds

I don't write about politics until those rare days Washington actually does something that affects our daily lives. And after months of grandstanding and stonewalling over the “fiscal cliff”, today is one of those days. Here’s what the recent fisca … [Read more...]

Taxes and Unemployment; How to Avoid Surprises and Owe Less Tax

There aren’t many – if any – perks of being unemployed. We all know that. But if you do lose your job, it may be possible to lean on the government for awhile and survive on unemployment compensation. These government-funded unemployment benef … [Read more...]

Special Tax Situations: Audits, Extensions, Payment Plans, and Quarterly Payments

Editor's Note: This is the last in our six-part No-Stress Guide to Filing Your Taxes. You can start at the beginning with Part 1: Your Tax Document Checklist. For most taxpayers, completing your tax return simply means mailing off your 1040 … [Read more...]

Need a Tax Break? Here’s a List

Everybody wants some tax breaks...or a few more. When it comes to taxes these breaks---credits, adjustments, and deductions---are always your friend. They’ll lower your bottom line, reducing the amount you owe or increasing your tax refund. So i … [Read more...]