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Getting Married? Make Sure You Talk About These Money Issues Before Walking Down The Aisle

Engaged to be married? The average age American men and women get married is 29 and 27 respectively. By now, you’ve hopefully talked with your partner about the big things in life -- if you want children, if both people will continue to work s … [Read more...]

Funny Money: Who Pays The Most For Video Game And DVD Trade-ins?

Walks of shame aren't limited to sullen strolls away from ill-advised romantic hook-ups. They also apply to those who spring for video games and movies they've just got to have at the time, only to realize months later that it just wasn't meant to … [Read more...]

Growth Stocks vs Value Stocks: What’s the Difference?

First off, picking individual stocks isn't for everyone -- most new investors are well-served by a simple portfolio of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds. But owning stock in a company directly can make investing more interesting. Finding … [Read more...]

Tell Us How You Would Use $250 for a Chance to Win It

How would you use an extra $250 right now? What if I said that you could not just stash it away in savings or use it to directly pay down debt? Well, that's the challenge. In a comment, tell us specifically how you would use $250. The reader … [Read more...]

What’s The #1 Thing I Can Help You With?

This year is the 5th “blogiversary” of Money Under 30. As I plan for the next five years, I want your input. What’s the number one thing Money Under 30 can help you with that you may not be able to get anywhere else? Let me know in a comment. … [Read more...]

(Re)-Introducing Amber Gilstrap

I've hinted in a few recent posts that I’ve made a conscious decision to run Money Under 30 and continue working my day job in the software industry. As a new homeowner and father, trying to juggle all this is not easy. Although I’ve decided not to … [Read more...]

Willing to Bare It All? Get Your Financial Questions Answered

Do you have a financial question you want answered? Want somebody to look at a snapshot of your finances and give you a checkup? Volunteer for a public Financial Checkup. For the longest time I’ve considered doing a regular segment that inv … [Read more...]

It’s Good To Say Thank You

It’s good to say thank you. Not only can being grateful make you happier, it might just pay dividends. Psychologists have shown that when people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to make economic decisions that benefit the common goo … [Read more...]

Do You Earn Enough Money?

If so, how much is it? Why is it enough? At what age did you hit this milestone? What changed? If you don’t earn enough---what will it take to get there? *By enough, I basically mean an annual income that provides for all your needs b … [Read more...]

Meet Your Financial Objectives: Goals vs. Restrictions

I have this coffee habit. I love the stuff. I love that caffeine rush I get in the morning from a steaming cup of joe. I’ve gone on and off caffeine so many times in my adult life, I’ve lost count. Sure, caffeine isn’t great for you, but coffe … [Read more...]