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Find Your Saving Sweet Spot

People who aren’t saving for retirement share a common excuse: “I want to enjoy life now. After all, I could get hit by a beer truck tomorrow.” On the flip side, compulsive savers max out 401(k)s and IRAs while living with six roommates and eating … [Read more...]

Buying an iPhone 4? Beware AT&T’s Nasty Surprise

The iPhone 4 drops today. At least, for those lucky enough to reserve one before AT&T's Website crashed and Apple ran out of stock last week. But if you're throwing down for a new iPhone, buyer beware: AT&T, still the iPhone's exclusive U.S. … [Read more...]

The Power Of Asking

As we grow out of our teenage years, we often become more confident and sure of ourselves. Personally, I have found that I’ve become more confident and less afraid to speak my mind and ask for what I want. Nowadays, if I want something, I’ll re … [Read more...]

The Best Financial Apps for Android

The advent of Google’s Android operating system created a mass of open software applications for personal finance and saving money. Google and the Open Handset Alliance have made life much easier (and cheaper!) for everything from weekly b … [Read more...]

The Cardinal Sin of Personal Finance

This is a guest post from Kevin, who blogs at Personal finance is pretty common-sense stuff if you think about it. Yet, the majority of the public fails to implement this common sense into their daily lives. For instance, I believe … [Read more...]

The Myth of the Celtic Tiger

Editor’s Note: Contributing writer Emily Cesta has spent much of her twenties living abroad. In this post, Emily offers reflections on the world economy through the lens of her experiences in Ireland as the “Celtic Tiger”, (Ireland’s economy) contrac … [Read more...]

I Have a Bank Account Fetish

I opened a business checking account last week to separate personal expenditures from business transactions. It was long overdue, but I pushed it off for so long because I already felt I had plenty of bank accounts---three checking accounts and … [Read more...]

Beware Time Suck

Every day, I have a plan to come home from work and get in two or three solid hours studying for my CPA exam. I always leave work with good intentions. I tell myself that I will head straight home, fire up my laptop, avoid any unnecessary internet … [Read more...]

A Simple Spreadsheet for Tracking Shared Expenses

Do you share monthly expenses with a roommate or significant other but pay for them from separate bank accounts? For better or worse, that’s how my wife and I have been splitting up our monthly expenses since we got hitched last August. We have a j … [Read more...]

Two Deadlines Loom

Before dashing off the weekend, I want to remind everybody of two important upcoming deadlines. Don't forget, April 15th is tax day, and it's next Thursday! Still plenty of time to use TurboTax to finish your returns. Also, for anybody interested … [Read more...]