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WaMu Failure: What To Do If You Have Deposits with Washington Mutual

So Washington Mutual, once the nation's largest savings and loan, yesterday became the nation's latest bank failure. If you have money deposited with WaMu---or use the bank for any other financial products like loans, credit cards, or your … [Read more...]

Who’s To Blame for this Economic Mess?

Banks are failing, the economy is lifeless, and taxpayers are getting the bill. Were this 1929, we’d have our money under our mattresses, and we’d be sitting on them. Assuming, of course, we still owned homes with mattresses! Now, the question eve … [Read more...]

Financial Products You (Probably) Don’t Need

My twenty something friends sometimes ask me whether they should hire a financial advisor. Usually, they have just read an article or heard a high-pressure marketing spiel. The fact is, unless you have over $100,000 in investments, you don’t need a f … [Read more...]

Despite Fed Decision, Banks Are Moving Interest Rates

I find it interesting that even though the Federal Reserve opted not to lower interest rates this week, some banks are adjusting their interest rates anyway. HSBC Direct lowered its online savings rate from 3.50% to 3.25%, giving competitor FNBO an … [Read more...]

Watch 134 YouTube Videos About People Saving Money

Wanna watch 134 YouTube videos about people saving money? The videos are responses to a contest sponsored FNBO Direct, a high yield savings account that will give away $5,000 to five finalists to be selected in October. … [Read more...]

Stop Being Broke Right Now: Kick Off Financial Success with 10 Minutes and $10

I think there's some truth to the title of Larry Wignet's book You're Broke Because You Want to Be. Heck, I'm broke because I made the (albeit uninformed) decision to buy things I couldn't afford for about five years. But I don't want to be broke … [Read more...]

New Feature: Email Notification of Follow-up Comments

I'm pleased to announce that I have just added the option for readers to to receive email notifications of follow-up comments to any post that you comment on! Just check the box before submitting your comment! You will only receive emails for … [Read more...]

I'm Off For a Week

I just wanted to drop everybody a note to let you know that I'm leaving tomorrow for a week in Croatia and Bosnia, and won't be posting for that time. I may be able to get up a couple of guest posts next week, but I can't promise my apologies … [Read more...]

Sorry It's Slow, I Have a New Job

A quick apology to Money Under 30 readers for the slow posting pace around here lately. It's because I took a new job last week and have been adjusting to my new environs and schedule. I expect things to ramp up to normal again this week. Thanks for … [Read more...]

What Do You Want to Read About? (Regarding Money)

I want your help! While I have no shortage of ideas for blog posts here at Money Under 30, I too often focus on topics that I'm interested in, but maybe you are not. Please give me some feedback -- in a comment or via my contact form -- to help me … [Read more...]