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Weekly Links: Dow 10,000 (Who Cares?)

All this talk about the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing above 10,000 points on Wednesday has me crazy. As if it matters! Yes, the stock market is rallying. That's a good thing for investors. But what about the double-digit unemployment that … [Read more...]

Beware Phishing Attempts and How to Avoid Them

If you have an e-mail account, you’ve probably gotten an e-mail that looks like it is from a financial institution that reads something like this: In a routine update of our customer records, we couldn’t confirm your information. Please click here … [Read more...]

How Building Wealth Can Help Reduce Climate Change

This is the second year in a row Money Under 30 is participating in Blog Action Day. This year’s theme is climate change. When it comes down to it, a big component of building wealth is learning to stop being wasteful. We need to stop wasting m … [Read more...]

Beware Credit Card Skimmers and How to Spot Them

Talk about serendipitous. I've been planning today's post on credit card and ATM "skimmers" (jerry-rigged little devices criminals use to steal your card numbers), and yesterday my brother tells me he spotted one of these suckers at a rest area on … [Read more...]

The Anatomy of a Bad Decision

This morning I was in bed listening to chilly October rain pound my roof. Naturally, I wanted to stay in bed for another few minutes. And that’s when I realized it. Snoozing for five or ten minutes is usually a bad idea. Like, a terrible idea. … [Read more...]

Mindfulness and Money

In this post, I’m going to ask you to slow down, look inward, and do some reflection. Most often, I write about straightforward topics like debt repayment, credit scoring, and budgeting. Don’t get me wrong---it’s important stuff. But on a deeper le … [Read more...]

Debit Card Dangers

It's a hot-button question: If you're in debt, do you get rid of all of your credit cards and stick to debit cards and cash only? Or can you discipline yourself to still use credit cards for routine purchases and pay the balance off in full every … [Read more...]

10 Easy Ways To Simplify Your Finances

I’ve been on a simplicity kick for a while. To give you an example: My wallet now consists of my ID and three other cards wrapped up in a rubber band. My key chain holds my house key and my car key---that’s it. I’m just tired of wasting time with extr … [Read more...]

AT&T Wireless Rebate Visa Gift Cards Are A Raw Deal

AT&T Wireless Visa debit gift cards that come as rebates for iPhone, Blackberry, or other mobile phone purchases are a raw deal! AT&T advertises prices for popular mobile phones that include $50 or $100 off in the form of a Visa gift card that the … [Read more...]

Weekly Links: Simplifying Your Finances

As a part-time blogger I found it impossible to stick to any type of posting-schedule. Now, I have no excuse! That means Friday roundups of my favorite personal finance articles from around the Web are back...with a twist. Each week's links will … [Read more...]