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Citi Private Pass: Get $5 Concert Tickets This Summer

Worried federal regulations will force card issuers to slash rewards and loyalty programs? Citi is bucking the trend with its Citi Private Pass program. Private Pass gives Citi cardmembers significantly discounted (and sometimes even free) tickets to a wide range events including some of the hottest concerts and sporting events. For example, through August 31st, Citi and Live Nation are offering Citi cardmambers lawn seats to some of the summer’s hottest concerts for just $5.

Private Pass is open to all Citi cardmembers. (If you don’t have a Citi card, you can apply for one through the link on this page).

On the Private Pass site, you can search for events by artist, show date, and location. Interested in sporting events? There are links to buy discount tickets to all kinds of major league games (baseball, football, hockey, etc.)

One final benefit of Citi Private Pass: Presale and exclusive access to certain events like the New York Comedy Festival and the Sonoma Wine Country Weekend. Sign up for the Private Pass newsletter to keep an eye out for presale and/or discount tickets to events in your area.

Learn more about Citi Private Pass at

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