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Credit Monitoring Services Compared

Credit report monitoring services matter. Errors on your credit report are fairly common.

Experts believe up to 80 percent of Americans have some kind of error on at least one of their credit reports from the three major bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. A credit monitoring service can help you spot problems before they hurt you. Credit monitoring can:

  • Keep track of changes to your credit report and score
  • Alert you of changes (new accounts, late payments or a new address)
  • Identify attempted ID theft as soon as it happens


Get Your Credit Score at Experian.comExperian provides credit monitoring services and allows you to obtain your Experian credit report and FICO® Score 8 for $1. This includes a 7-day free trial of credit report monitoring. You may choose to continue credit monitoring for $21.95 a month or cancel within 7-days to keep your score and report for just $1.

Scores Trial Period Monitoring
Experian credit report and FICO® Score 7-day trial of monitoring Daily monitoring of your credit report


$1 Offer - TransUnion Credit Monitoring - 180x150TransUnion gives you instant access to your TransUnion credit score and access to your TransUnion credit report for $1. There is a 7-day trial with enrollment in TransUnion’s credit monitoring service, which costs $17.95 thereafter.

Scores Trial Period Monitoring
3 credit scores 7-day trial with enrollment in TransUnion Daily monitoring of your credit report


myFICO provides monitoring of your Equifax credit report and tracking of your FICO® Score 8 on a historical tracking graph for $19.95 a month. Get monthly access to a new Equifax credit report & 6 FICO® Scores commonly used in mortgage, auto and credit card lending. Also, get identity theft victim assistance from a certified resolution specialist and access to a patented FICO® Score Simulator featuring FICO® Score 8.

Scores Trial Period Monitoring
Equifax credit report and FICO® Score None–subscription starts immediately Daily monitoring of your credit report