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Dirty, Sexy, Money: A Former Bank Teller's Story

Ever wondered why toll both collectors wear latex gloves? Blogger PJ of Broke in the Suburb explains. She used to work as a bank teller and recently wrote all about why money disgusts her.

Aside from all the nasty stuff she saw on cash itself, I never really thought about some of the sides of life you would see working as a bank teller. In particular, I loved the story about the woman who insisted a ghost was writing bad checks on her account. I’ll have to try that one!

Anybody else out there worked as a bank teller? What’s the weirdest thing you have witnessed?

Published or updated on December 10, 2008

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  1. Meg says:

    Haha, I’m a banker and people never fail to crack me up. But I’m not a teller, I’m a private banker so I have “rich” people calling me and transferring money every day. One client used to call me from Vegas periodically and ask me to transfer money from his business account to his personal (he had a debit card on his personal account). I got a drunk dial from him at 3:30am in the morning (5:30am Vegas time) – of course I didn’t answer so he left a message. He was slurring and obviously drunk and asking me to make a transfer. I had to ask my boss the protocol since I was pretty sure he wouldn’t remember making the phone call, but I didn’t want his account to overdraw either! All I know is I’d hate to be his accountant trying to justify and rectify all those business to personal transfers.

  2. True Being says:

    I worked as a teller for a year and we had a guy that owned a strip club come in and get $5K in ones every Friday. Then on Monday he would deposit about $3K in “used” ones. Imagine where that money has been? I would go through a bottle of hand sanitizer every week.

  3. People don’t really think about where money has been and how dirty it is. If we were to worry about how many stripper G-strings and soiled homeless persons back pockets that dollar has been, we would go crazy. Now that I think about it, maybe I should get latex gloves too.

    -Dan Malone-

  4. Emmy says:

    I worked as a teller for a couple summers in high school and college. It was interesting the way I imagine many service-oriented jobs are. You have much more respect for those who serve you after you’ve been treated like crap.

    Once an old woman drove off with a drive-thru deposit tube and came back thirty minutes later. She didn’t say anything she just “stealthily” (how stealth can an 80 year old in a Buick be?) replaced the tube as she drove through and then sped off.

    One customer came into the bank, she couldn’t have been more than eighteen. She took out half of her savings in the morning, then came back with a friend and drained the rest in the afternoon. Obviously there was nothing I could or should do, but it always worried me that she was in some kind of trouble…

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