Free Savings Calculators on the Web

Leading online savings bank FNBO Direct is relaunching its pay yourself first challenge with a handy savings calculator that lets you quickly evaluate your monthly saving and spending and find new ways to save.

Here’s a preview of FNBO’s savings finding calculator and links to some of the other best free savings calculators on the Web.

Savings Finding Calculator

FNBO Direct’s Pay Yourself First Challenge Savings Finding Calculator asks you for some simple information about:

  • How much you currently save
  • What you routinely spend each month on things like coffee, groceries, entertainment, etc.

The calculator then shows you how much you could be saving by cutting down your spending by a certain percentage, and how much that savings could grow over several decades. You can tweak how much you want to cut back your spending, how long you want to save, and the interest rate you hope to earn. Try the calculator now »

Simple Savings Calculator

If you just need to know how much your savings will grow at a certain interest rate, BankRate’s simple savings calculator is for you.

When Will You be a Millionaire?

Want to know how fast your taxable and/or tax-deferred retirement savings will amount to $1,000,000? CNN Money’s Millionaire Calculator can show you.

Emergency Savings Calculator

A emergency savings calculator from lets you estimate how much you need in an emergency fund and calculator how long it will take you to get there.

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