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Get Mortgage Pre-approval Online

Get mortgage pre-approval online now.Thinking about buying a home? An important first step is to get mortgage pre-approval online.

How to begin: Mortgage pre-approval is a 10-15 minute process that determines if your credit and income will qualify you for a mortgage.

We have partnered with LendingTree to provide you with a fast, easy way to get started shopping for a mortgage. You can begin to shop for your home with confidence. Applying is free and there is no obligation, so you can get rate quotes from multiple lenders all in a few minutes. Start now:

Get pre-qualified & compare competing mortgage offers online.
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The pre-approval process

To get pre-approved, simply provide basic information about your desired mortgage and your employment and credit history. You will either get an online response or a call from a representative who can verify your pre-approval and provide information about how much you will be approved for.

LendingTree is unique because they can match you with up to five different banks. With LendingTree, you can:

  • Sort and compare your offers instantly
  • Read lender reviews and ratings
  • View loan details in a simple, easy-to-read format

For example, LendingTree’s free application takes just minutes, and there’s no obligation.

Get started with your mortgage pre-approval online now at LendingTree.

What is Mortgage Pre-approval?

When you buy a home, typically a bank does not firmly commit to give you a mortgage until you are under contract to buy the house and the bank has a chance to research and appraise the property you are buying.

A mortgage preapproval can give you a head start on the final mortgage application process even before you start house hunting and, most importantly, give you (and sellers) confidence that you can get approved for a mortgage the kinds of homes you want to buy.

How is pre-approval different than pre-qualification?

Often times, you may hear the term “prequalified” for a mortgage. This may or may not mean “pre-approved”. Some banks will offer mortgage pre-qualification that’s basically just a letter saying that you have OK credit and you earn enough money to buy a house costing X dollars. Such a prequalification letter is better than nothing when you go to make an offer on a home, but it’s not as good as mortgage pre-approval.

Why get Mortgage Pre-approval Online?

When you get pre-approval, banks will look at your entire financial situation (credit score, income history, and assets and liabilities) to verify that you meet their underwriting criteria for a home loan. Because so many factors can influence the banks’ decision, it’s always better to know ahead of time—before you put an offer on a home—if there are red flags in your application.

What credit score do I need to get a mortgage?

These days, a fairly good one. If your FICO credit score is 720 or above, you should have no trouble getting approved for a mortgage. If your score is between 660 and 720, you may have to shop around until you find a lender that will approve you or offer you the lowest interest rate. If your credit score is between 620 and 660, it will be harder still. If you don’t know your credit score, here’s how to check it for free.

Do keep in mind that banks look at your whole financial picture when issuing mortgage pre-approval, and a mediocre credit score may be less important than how much you earn and how much debt you have.

The thing I like about LendingTree is that you can complete a quick form with no obligation that will show you what your options are based upon your general credit profile.

Will this work for FHA loans, VA loans, and other programs? 

Yes! Our recommended lenders work with most federal home buying programs and can originate FHA loans, VA loans, and others.

Start your mortgage pre-approval online now with LendingTree Mortgage Loans »