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Identity Theft Protection

Identity Protection Services ComparedEvery year, about nine million Americans become victims of identity theft, according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Whether an ID thief steals your credit card or checkbook or gets your ID from an online phishing scheme, it can take years to repair the damage to your credit profile.

Identity theft protection services provide an extra level of security for your good name. Here are our two most popular and recommended identity theft protection services:

Recommended Identity Theft Protection Services

  • Comprehensive identity protection
  • Credit monitoring included
  • Get 30 days free plus 10% off if you enroll today
  • Plans from $8.99 to $28.99 per month with our discount

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  • Credit report and ID theft monitoring
  • Instant Experian credit report for just $1
  • 7-day free trial of identity theft protection; just $19.95 a month if you continue

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Do you need identity theft protection?

A lot of people ask: Do I really need identity theft protection? After all, in these hard times, even $9 a month matters. Although you can accomplish some of these services on your own (like checking your credit report periodically for unauthorized activity), remember that identity theft protection services is mostly insurance.

Without ID theft protection, if your identity is stolen, you’re faced to deal with the consequences on your own. That can mean years of time spent on paperwork and phone calls, damaged credit, and mounting bills. With identity theft protection, somebody else handles all that for you.

Only you can decide if you need identity theft protection, but…the more you have invested in your identity, the more useful identity theft protection will be. If you already have poor credit and few assets to your name, identity theft protection won’t be much help. If, however, you have a good credit score and are building substantial assets, you’ll want to take steps to ensure nobody else cashes in on your hard work.