It’s Good To Say Thank You

It’s good to say thank you.

Not only can being grateful make you happier, it might just pay dividends.

Psychologists have shown that when people feel appreciated, they’re more likely to make economic decisions that benefit the common good—not just themselves.

That might mean a donor giving more to a thankful charity, an employee putting in longer hours for an appreciative boss or—vice versa—a boss or coworker helping out an appreciative colleague down the road.

This week, saying thank you can also win you $50.

Comment to win a $50 American Express Gift CardAmerican Express has generously offered to provide five $50 “Thank You” gift cards to Money Under 30 readers in recognition of Administrative Professionals week.

(Amex has also created a Recognize and Reward Sweepstakes at, where professionals can recognize a standout administrative professional, colleague or peer and enter them to win Gift Card prizes.)

To enter THIS contest, simply share the best “thank you” you’ve ever received in a comment. Who thanked you, and how? What’d you do to deserve it? It could be at work—from a boss or colleague—but it doesn’t have to be.

I’ll pick one winner to receive a $50 gift card each workday this week. (One entry per reader…more comments won’t get you more entries, sorry!)

I look forward to reading your stories, and I’m pleased to be able to offer this contest as a small THANK YOU of my own to you, my awesome readers!

Note: The contest is now closed, but comments are still open…the stories shared are awesome and if you want to share your best “thank you”, we’d certainly love to hear it!


Disclaimer: Obviously, American Express is providing the gift cards that I’ll be giving away, but I did not receive any additional compensation to run this post or contest.

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  1. I became a sponsor for WorldVision last year and recently received an updated photo from my sponsored child, which includes him holding some school supplies, clothing, and other necessities his family was able to purchase with the money. That photo and the hand-written note from his community was so humbling; I keep the photo and note on my fridge to remind myself to be thankful.

  2. Anytime that my kids say thank you without me prompting them!

  3. best thank you I got was a 200 dollar gift card from my boss for doing a great job organizing a regional conference.

  4. The best thank you I ever received was from my mother. After I graduated high school she wrote me a letter thanking me for being a great daughter and always doing my best. It was totally unexpected because I simply tried my best in school and life because that’s what my mother taught me. I never expected a thank you and I realized that parents really do appreciate and don’t take their kid’s behavior for granted.

  5. After graduating from college a few years ago, I returned to speak to a class taught by one of my former professors. She gave me a really nice card that said she knew I’d have a successful career. I still have it, just in case I need some encouragement!

  6. The best thank you I ever received was from a student. As part of a local “My favorite teacher” contest, a senior girl whom I had in two classes wrote an essay acknowledging what I had done for her personally in my capacity as her teacher. According to her essay (which made the finals of the contest), this young lady was thankful for my sense of humor, my corny jokes, and my approachability. She stated that she felt comfortable coming to me with any type of personal issue. What a fabulous thank you she gave to me! I realize that my students really do appreciate what I do in the classroom!

  7. Back when I was working at the animal hospital, working the front office was one of the least rewarding jobs in the roster of the positions available, but that’s what I was doing when one family walked in the door with their beloved family dog of nine years. We got them into a room with the doctor only to find out there wasn’t anything left we could do for them, and they had to say goodbye. As best we could, we eased that visit, and helped them through until they could leave, and sent them home with our apologies. Heartbreaking. Always.

    A couple days later, a letter arrived in the mail for each of us, thanking every one of us by name, even me, for helping them through a difficult time in their lives. Doctors and even technicians are frequently remembered because they are almost always in the rooms, but for me, front office staff, to be remembered, and by name?

    That was pretty awesome.

  8. I’m a consulting engineer and the best compliment that I’ve received has been a client telling me “Thank you for your hard work.” That simple line lets me know that I’m doing my job the way that I want to.

  9. Sara Kern says:

    My first year of college I took it upon myself to gather a list of everyone’s birthdays. Each night before someone’s birthday I made signs and put them on the birthday girl or boy’s doors to wish them a happy birthday and tell all of their neighbors of their special day too. (I was a freshman in a graduate dorm, an old Howard Johnson'; wasn’t your typical freshman dorm) My hand made greeting was just a simple piece of paper that I had written on w/colorful markers, nothing eloborate by any meams.

    There was a guy named Richard who lived a few doors down who didn’t say much when I would see him, he pretty much kept to himself; I didn’t know he even noticed me and he certainly didn’t know my name, or so I thought. Richard was a loner, lived alone, didn’t seem to have a circle of friends, at least I never saw him with a group at meals or anything. When his birthday came I made one of my signs and posted it on his door, like I had done for everyone, but this time was different…

    The next day there was a small white envelope with my name on it taped to my door; inside was the most beautiful and heartfelt ‘thank you’ I have ever received. Richard told me how much my kindness meant to him, my simple handmade birthday greeting literally changed his life, he said it meant the world to him. He shared how noone talks to him, or seemed to even aknowlege him, and the fact that I remembered his birthday meant that there was someone thinking about him. Richard felt loved and valued through my silly colorful sign.

    As much as my simple greeting impacted Richard for that one day in 1988, his thank you has impacted my life since. :)

  10. Kristina says:

    In high school I joined a Habitat for Humanity job in Appalachia where I helped build houses for local families. On our last day of work, one of the children whose family we had built a house for came up to me and said, “thank you for giving us a place to live!” The family had been living in a burnt out bus on the property. I always found it odd to be thanked for something so many of us take for granted and it makes me, to this day, really appreciate everything I have :)

  11. My company gives annual “anniversary” gifts as thank yous to staff….usually a gift card that increases in amount for each year of service. This small acknowledgement of services makes me feel appreciated and connected to the company.

  12. After working with a Chinese Intern (from the Tianjin Province) on our Analytics team for 6 months, we learned that he really wanted to stay in the States and join our company formally. Convinced by his hard work and great personality, we worked tirelessly to make it happen. It became apparent from a corporate standpoint, that this was not feasible. As saddened as we were, a phone call two weeks later from our once intern and now international co-worker, altered everyone’s emotions. Our fantastic corporation opened some lines of communication and ultimately was able to find him a job at our sister company in Beijing. It was all thanks we could have asked for.

  13. My boss’s boss thanked me via email for my good work (I had only been working around a year at the time, fresh out of college). He copied even higher ups and said how I am proof that the company can be confident in hiring recent graduates directly into the technical profession.

    Felt pretty good.

  14. After spending two sleepless nights editing a video project for a deadline, the project was turned in a few days early. All of the hard work of researching, editing and refining the project had paid off and I could finally get some sleep! That was not the case for a fellow peer of mine whose project was only getting started; I could clearly tell that she was in need of some guidance and direction. After work the next day, I spent the late evening till early morning, answering all of her questions and provided feedback to put her back on track. Two days later, I relieved a phone call from a drowsy but extremely happy peer who had got the project turned in on time. She said, “I can’t thank you enough for taking the time out to help me out, I really don’t know if it would have been turned in at all. There are not a lot of people who are willing to take time out of their own busy schedule to help a friend out… Thank you!” The kind words went a long way, and I’m always grateful for those who have the patience to help me out as well, you make more friends in the process!

  15. After completing a long and difficult project, my department’s VP acknowledged my efforts at a bi-annual meeting. What made the acknowledgement special to me, was that he referenced specific components of the project and explained to the group the benefits of the completed project.

  16. The best thank you that comes to mind was a thoughtful gift card after I photographed an event for someone. I wasn’t expecting it, so it was extra-nice.

  17. One day at work, I stayed a few minutes after hours to help a client figure out their insurance problem. A few days later, the client called back to thank me and told me how much it meant to them that even though it was after hours, I was still willing to help and that more importantly, I was present during our entire conversation. They had been frustrated all day, talking to all these different people who they felt, were always on a rush to get off the phone and refer them to somebody else that could help. The client shared more about their life story – a heavy one ridden with a history of abuse and suicide – and emphasized the importance of being respectful and kind to everyone because you never know what they might be going through. It was a thank you that made me feel connected and an experience that humbled me.

  18. i used to work at a boutique PR agency and was very thorough with my work and achieved great results. unfortunately, that kind of work ethic usually leads to fatigue or burn out. so to thank me for the “good job” i was doing, my boss gave me (and the other female employees) a tiffany bracelet and a spa day.

  19. I’m a professional recruiter for a large staffing firm. The best thank you I have ever gotten was from a candidate had recruited named Yolanda. It was in November of 2010 and with the holidays coming up, she was struggling to pay her mortgage and was recently laid off from her past position. I had found her a position with one of my best clients, and Yolanda broke down into tears and came into my office to bring me flowers as a thank you. She genuinely appreciated the opportunity to work, and although it was nothing spectacular, it was so rewarding knowing I made a difference in someones life so impactful. I still talk to Yolanda and am proud to say, my client absolutely loves her and she is still employed. Being in staffing, it’s always rewarding in a down economy getting people jobs and essentially giving them their lives back, but Yolanda made a lasting impact.

  20. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite thank you happens on a regular basis from the same person. Even after long hours at the office, when I jump up to do something for my daughter, the best thank you I receive is that little one-year-old smiling and saying “mama!” She may not be able to say “thank you,” but the hug works just fine for me!

  21. I spent 2 years working for Habitat for Humanity through the AmeriCorps VISTA program. One of our homeowners had been deaf since birth and had a daughter who was also severely hearing impaired. I took special interest in this family right away and although Alan could speak, he was very shy about it. At their home dedication, Alan “spoke” through a ASL translator for most of his thank you, but then finished by saying aloud “Thank you to all of the Habitat staff, we couldn’t be here without you!”

  22. I used to intern at a settlement house and I worked with a group of middle school girls. On the last day of my 9 month internship, all the girls came up to me, one by one and presented me with the cards they had made. In each card, they had written a reason why they would never forget me. I rarely get teary-eyed, but those cards got me. They were SO SWEET, and made me feel like I was really making a difference in their lives.

  23. All of these comments are so awesome to read – thank you commenters!
    As a hobby I enjoy fostering dogs with a rescue group. We bring animals into our homes from shelters where they are overcrowded and likely to be put down. We then look for homes for them. When one of my recent fosters was adopted to her new home, a few weeks later I received flowers from Maggie’s new family. They wrote “Thank you for taking care of her until we found her.” When you take care of animals, they thank you every day with things like good behavior and the funny things they do as they enjoy life under your watch. But knowing that this family’s life felt so completed by her presence, and that I had had a role in matching them together, made it all really worthwhile.

  24. The thank you’s I get from my friend’s and family when I pass on good financial advice that I find!

  25. At my wife & I’s rehearsal dinner, my father-in-law thanked me for taking my wife (his daughter) off of his hands. He then told me that there were no refunds or exchanges…

    lol, at least he was honest!

  26. The best thank you I ever received was from a former elementary school classmate. We had reconnected through facebook and were chatting about what we have been up to since I moved after fourth grade, and he thanked me for being the only person that voted for him for class president in our fourth grade class. Having forgotten all about that, it was so good to hear that my kindness and friendship had been appreciated and remembered for all these years.

  27. The best thank you I received was as an RA a couple of years back. I had a freshman resident who entered college as a very talkative outgoing person. He attended orientation events, my events and Hillel events as well. As months went by, i noticed him leaving his room less often. In the middle of the year, my boss told me that his mother was concerned about her son (my resident). He had lost a lot of weight since he “didn’t feel like eating,” missed his family & girlfriend back home, He also was doing poorly in classes, facing depression, and talked about dropping out of college.

    I was really worried about him and thought about ways to help him out without letting him know that his mother my boss about his situation. I stopped by his room and shared my experiences from my freshman year, where I also had depression, did horrible in classes, missed my friends and my family back home. I had even gotten accepted to another school as a transfer student but I decided to give my school another chance and eventually started to like it. My grades got better, I started making more friends and I actually started to like it. After telling him this, he was able to open up and he decided to be more active in school and come to me whenever he needed help. Things got better and now he is doing great in school and has been winning bicycle competitions. The thanks I received really meant a lot since it felt like I actually made a difference in someone’s life. A lot of times we don’t realize what kind of impact we can make just by letting people know what we have gone through and giving them hope if they are placed in the same scenario. There’s no greater service than helping others when they need it.

  28. The best thank you that i ever got is called the Post 9/11 Montgomery GI Bill.

  29. For my job, I work as a writer for a small weekly newspaper in Virginia. I love it, but, because of the pay (little) and the lack of recognition, I sometimes feel like all my work goes unnoticed. So, the best Thank you’s I get are from readers or people I write about, who tell me they like my stories. It doesn’t happen very often, but it’s always such a nice surprise and very reassuring. The best letter I ever got was from a woman who said she had been routinely cutting out my articles and sending them to her friends because she liked my writing style. I have no idea who she is, but it was the best compliment I’ve ever recieved and it made me feel so appreciated.

  30. I was working in a rehab hospital as a pharmacy intern and one patient had a question I had to look up since I didn’t know the answer. I came back to the room and she wasn’t there, so I left a letter explaining the answer and a call back number.

    When the pharmacist made rounds, she came back with a short piece of paper from that patient that thanked me for all my effort, taking the time to talk to her, and she said that I would make a great future pharmacist.

    No patient has ever thanked me before, so that was a great day for me as a student.

  31. A salesman at my previous job always went out of his way to say thanks after we handled something for any of his clients. He occasionally would treat us to lunch, but the best time he invited us over for dinner and watched us all play the white-elephant gift game with $100-$200 gifts. Knowing that this was all out of his pocket and not just part of the company budget made it extra special.

  32. The best thank yous I have received have been from patients at my job as a pharmacy technician. Being a technician can be a pretty undervalued position – everyone gives the pharmacist full credit for the service they receive at the pharmacy when in reality, the tech is the person who does a majority of the work. To be recognized by patients when I went out of my way to help or accommodate them is always a nice feeling, and one positive experience usually more than makes up for 15 negative experiences. Take time to thank those people who you see every day – they appreciate it more than you know!

  33. My first patient as an EMT was a man having a heart attack. I treated him in front of his grandchildren and took him to the hospital. He thanked me when I turned him over and it changed my life.

  34. Mami2jcn says:

    The best thank you’s have been from my husband and kids for doing a good job as a mom!

  35. I received a card from the mothers of a student I’d had in my 2nd grade class. Inside was a photo of the student with me on his first day of 2nd grade, and another photo of the student at his high school graduation. She thanked me for my part in getting her son to this important step in his life.

    It was fantastic to be remembered and thanked after all of those years.

  36. One time, as I was traveling overseas in Asia, I saw a kid standing in front of a food stand. Although there was a language barrier, I knew that it was the least I could do to help him.

  37. I work at a mid-size company where I rarely see some of the people on my team, even though I am the unofficial social coordinator for things like birthdays, get-wells, etc. A co-worker of mine whom I rarely interact with recently left a booklet of gift certificates to McDonald’s for me, just to say thanks for doing a good job.

    It wasn’t a grand gesture, and I don’t even eat there, but I appeciated it more than cash because she was being thoughtful and recognizing me for things that most other people overlook.

  38. BabyDaddy says:

    I recently volunteered at a community center for middle school though high schoolers. After tackling some of the tougher cleanup outside, me and a buddy gutted the gym storage room which was filled to the ceiling with boxes of disorganized sports equipment. After cleaning and organizing the closet one of the center administrators wandered in and thanked us both.. She never realized that they had so much great stuff hidden away.

  39. Early one recent morning, as I was leaving my work as a night shift ER RN, the greeter at the front door of the hospital said to me, “Good night, honey! Thank you for working the night shift!” Those simple words meant so much to me after a long night working a stressful job! I’ll never forget that.

  40. After a year of living and working in a West African village, I returned with my Canadian boyfriend, with whom I had a long distance relationship the whole time. The celebration they threw for us was humbling, a ‘thank you’ I will never forget.

    It’s never failed to amaze me that those with the least financially will so often be willing to give the most!

  41. MICHAEL PARKS says:


  42. The best “Thank You” I have ever received followed a financial literacy presentation I offered. It was at a Rescue Mission, and after I was finished and on my way out the door, their caseworker pulled me aside and said “Thank you so much for coming in today and talking TO these people, not down AT them.” It definitely re-affirmed why I do what I do, and why I go about doing it in the way I do.

  43. Julia Gerhardt says:

    I always try to say thank you whenever it’s due. People appreciate you so much more and will be willing to go out of their way to do things for you in the future. I also think a small token of appreciation goes a long way with a thank you (i.e. $5 coffee gift cards, bagels in the morning, a flower or small plant etc.)

    • Julia Gerhardt says:

      Best Thank you I ever received was from a woman I was tutoring in english. She was homeless, had a 3rd grade education, recovering from a drinking problem and unemployed. I met with her every week to help her improve her reading skills and every week she would bring me something to say thank you. Usually it was a freebie from a doctor’s office or business but it was definitely the thought that counted in that case. She literally didn’t have anything to call her own and yet she always tried to show me she was appreciative.

  44. I worked as a Resident Assistant in college. During the fall of my senior year one of my residents had a seizure and bumped his head on the way down. We called the ambulance, and I went to the local hospital. His family lived several hours away, so I stayed at the hospital until they arrived. I did not know this particular resident very well, but the next day I received a very kind letter under my door stating that this was the first time someone outside of his family had shown him genuine care and concern.
    I kept the letter, and look at it occasionally myself if I am down in the dumps.

  45. Someone at my work anonymously nominated me for employee of the year last year… and I only found out after the ceremony when my boss’s boss and his boss came up to me to let me know that they appreciate me and that they wanted me to know i’d recieved a nomination.

    I felt just as good as if I had won because my agency has over 200 employees and i work in a position off site so no one really gets to see or work with me… I felt amazed and honored… it was like winning!

  46. David Weliver says:

    I’m blown away by all the great stories here, THANK YOU everybody who has particiapted so far!

    I’ve randomly selected and notified Monday’s gift card winner…it’s Amber W.(comment #16). Congrats, Amber!

    There are four more gift cards to give away and everybody who has commented or comments before the end of the week still has a shot! Good luck :)

  47. I like to hold doors and be polite to people in public. Too many people are wrapped up in their cell phones and their own little worlds, I like to extend a courtesy to please myself. Sometimes people say thank you, those are most appreciated in this me, me, me world.

  48. Anna Suntseva says:

    One of the best thank you’s that I receive is when my friends thank me for giving them thoughtful advice or being there for them.

  49. The best thanks I have ever gotten was a completely unexpected bonus for doing such a good job on recruitment at work. I worked really hard and it was nice to know how much it was appreciated

  50. Brit Wash says:

    The best thank yous I receive are when I do small, courteous things for others, such as holding a door open. Many people aren’t even aware of the act, so it’s always nice when someone acknowledges what I’ve done!

  51. One of my favorite thank yous was getting my raise and review three months early! Can’t help but love that!

  52. With the advent of social networking, email, and other digital modes of communication, written thank you’s are becoming obsolete, which is a pity because I love a thoughtful card. My then-bf hated writing cards, but on my birthday this past year, he actually wrote me a thank you card for being his best friend and partner in crime. The next day, he ended up proposing, and he’s now my fiance. So, needless to say, that is my favorite thank you ever. :) Unexpected thank you at an unexpected time with a surprise proposal? Perfect!

  53. A few years ago for my birthday, my mother and I were driving to a nice seafood restaurant for dinner. We saw a wallet on the road and stopped and picked it up. Found the gentleman’s number in the wallet and called him and arranged to meet him at the restaurant. Apparently he was picking his kids up from golf lessons and left it on his roof. We met and he was thankful. We sat down to dinner like nothing happened, and when we finished and asked for the check, the waitress explained that it was already taken care of.

  54. Amber Johnson says:

    The best thank you I have received was from two senior citizens that we adopted or Christmas. Both ladies sent thank you cards to us. We had them prepare lists of items that they needed/wanted. Since they had no family we becasme their “Santas.” We went out adn brought everything we could find on the list. They were both so overwhelmed one of them started to cry. She said she only expected one or two gifts but not all the things we provided. It made me feel good to know we could bring joy to someone who may not have gotten anything. Every year we worry about sponsoring a child but there are seniors who need loving also!!

  55. Jen Landry says:

    Best thank you I have received to date was when I volunteered my time at a Womens’ Shelter for Battered Woman. It was family day and what that meant was the women at the shelter got to do an activity with each other and than one with their children. I was volunteering my time to teach them yoga. Eleven women signed up and they all showed up ready to go. They had so many questions and kept telling me they were not flexible. I told them it was all about them, their time, do what you and your body will allow today and have fun! After the class, my reward and thank you was when each woman came up to me and gave me a hug and told me what it meant to them (Which by the way, was different for each of them) for me to be here with them, take the time to be so kind to them and to teach them that they are strong woman. My studio donated DVD’s to each of them to continue their work. But the best part of the day was when one of the kids of the mom’s in the class, cam up to me when I was leaving and told me “thank you” for helping his mom smile today! WOW….the power of giving. :) Best thank you of them all.

  56. I work as a receptionist for a private company that manages 401(k) accounts. A lady called me and asked some general questions, I provided the answers to her and we got off the phone.

    The next day she called me back, just to say thank you. I was caught off guard because the conversation was short and sweet.

    She said she was running errands all day and was experiencing really bad customer service. She said it brightened her day at how nice I was.

    What made it even better was that she called me back not only to say thank you, but to increase her retirement account contribution! That always makes me happy when people increase their savings.

  57. Jennifer G. says:

    As an administrative professional, I greatly enjoy the idea behind this giveaway!

    My favorite thank you was this past week, after taking the initiative to do an inventory of all documents for a job that no one was paying attention to. It wasn’t my job to do so, but it was definitely recognized by the people who were trying to get the information from the documents.

  58. I absolutely agree with this sentiment! My alma mater, Elon University, has done an excellent job at thanking me for my monthly donation. I don’t just receive the form letter– I often receive personalized, hand-written letters and phone calls. When this thanking happened more often, I increased the value of my gift each month! It’s made both Elon and I very happy.

    • Hope you are enjoying the 4th wekneed. I’m in Ocean City, NJ and the weather couldn’t be better. Have fun whatever you do. I’ll be on vacation all week and plan to kick back and relax. I’ll see you in a week. Talk to you later.

  59. As a pharmacist, the best thank you’s I get are the ones I receive from my patients and physicians. It is when they both acknowledge that I provide a service of value.

  60. Don’t know if it’s the best one, but the first one that came to mind was when I was working as a park ranger for a city. I had a lot of night shifts, which involved locking up random parks and parking lots in remote areas in the dark, by myself. One night I was locking up a small parking area on the lake, and I turned around to find a person standing behind me. I just about fell backwards into the water from being startled, but it turned out to be a little old lady who lived nearby. She just came to thank me for doing my job every night, since it kept teenagers from drinking and partying late at night in her yard. I never saw anyone on my night shifts, but I was very touched that she walked out to say thank you to me in the dead of night.

  61. Christine says:

    The most memorable thank you’s I have received come from absolute strangers on the street or on the bus. They often thank me and my colleagues when we’re out walking around the neighborhood with our students, who have moderate-to-severe disabilities and need constant supervision when walking. It’s a pick-me-me-up we all appreciate for a job that can be difficult and challenging.

  62. David Weliver says:

    Congrats to Bethany, winner of gift card numero dos! Three more to go!

  63. I volunteer at a community resource center and recently helped helped a woman with limited English skills prepare her first oral presentation to a class of English language learners. She came back to the day after she presented to specifically thank me for helping her prepare and giving her the confidence to speak in front of an audience for the first time. It felt wonderful to know that my efforts really made a difference.

  64. The best Thank You! I’ve ever received is a hand written letter from an 8 year old girl. I work in the hotel industry and many locations happen to be near medical centers where patients’ families stay long term during treatment and recovery. We do a lot of PR work too to sponsor fundraisers to help these families even more. One particular fundraiser benefited a local hospital when one family’s father was staying for treatment. His daughter, 8 years old at the time, took it upon herself to write to our office and say thank you for giving them a comfortable “home” to stay in and for helping to get more money for the people that helped her and her daddy. We still have it framed here in the office and I want to cry every time I see it.

  65. The best Thank You i have received is from the VP of my company. Every month I take care of monthly reconciling of our account, I also do weekly bank deposits. It was not just once, but it is every single time I do something he always replies with a “Thank you very much Brett.” It always makes me feel so good each time. I always go away with a smile and think about next time, and how I can try even and harder to do it faster and make myself be more efficient.

  66. I work at a large bank in home lending. I read customer correspondence and reply to their issues in writing, so I’m not usually on the phone. However, last year I got a call from a frantic customer whose account was erroneously marked as a foreclosure. She was getting foreclosure notices when she should not have been I helped figure out what the problem was–which took several days–and ended up resolving the account delinquency. She was so grateful. She told me that nobody was helping her at all and she was so happy that I took the time to research and resolve the issue myself rather than just transferring her from department to department. The Senior VP in my division even recognized me as an outstanding performer for the month.

  67. Khadijah U. Bilal says:

    The best thank you I ever had. Always thinking that saying thank you the moment that something from someone else touched my hand, I quickly thanked my 35 year old son for calling me to see how I was feeling. He told me that he was coming over and wanted to know if I felt like getting out of the house. I agreed and quickly got dressed to see my son. After takaing care of a good many errands, and paying bills, my son and I I sat in the truck on that extremely warm summer day . I left the air conditioner on while we chatted.

    Happy that he’d asked me to accompany him that day simply to take care of some of his personal errands on his off day, I was pleasantly enjoying his company. My son loved reminiscing about days growing up with his older sister and brother. Recalling that he had often caused me a few headaches and that I had to leave work to go to school to talk with teachers, counselors, and deans, he lovingly looked at me and said,”Mommy, you have always been there for us. You did a wonderful job as our mother. Please know that you did taught us everything we needed to know and did everything you were supposed to do. You wnet above and beyond the call that of duty. If we have not turned out the way that was best, it definitely is not your fault. You have been an amazing mother. I pray that God accepts all that you have done for our family. Mom, I just want to tell you, thank you Mommy. Thank you for everything.” He gave me the warmest hug and said, thank you ever so much.”

    This was the best thank you I could have ever received. I am truly grateful for his love and appreciation. Thank you for letting me share this with you.

  68. I work in a nursing home, and take care of people with terminal illnesses. Sometimes when we don’t have enough staff and are in a panic because feel like we don’t possibly have enough time to do everything that needs to get done, a little thankyou from someone who is in a much worse position than me can really make you stop and think and appreciate the life you have been given. That someone can be dying and yet still bother to tell you they appreciate what you are doing for them never fails to humble me, and reminds me to always appreciate lifes little blessings.

  69. julia law says:

    I was having a bad day and decided to make it a better day; 5 random acts of kindness and off I went.
    I was in Target and noticed a man who was obviously upset about something;
    I quietly said “bad day?” and he said yes, and “it just is what it is” We shared our life stories
    for a bit and I bought him a soda. As I got up, he said” not many people go up to people and do what you do” Thank you.. you made my day. I said. ” no, you made mine by just listening.

  70. David Weliver says:

    Just emailed winners #3 and #4, Brett and Jennifer. Giving away money is fun :)

    One more lucky winner to be drawn tomorrow night. Good luck and thanks again for the comments.

  71. The best thank you I’d ever received was when I was working as a barista at Starbucks, which was my first job. While people may have their personal thoughts on Starbucks, something they did very well was the breed a certain brand of snobbery into how to make drinks (ie- that foam isn’t good enough, or don’t you know that shots always go on TOP of the carmel macchiatto?!), which actually bettered their customer service.

    There was a new guy on shift, and I remember that he was making an iced carmel machiatto, but put the expresso shot on the bottom, highly frowned upon. I saw a veteran barista frowning and I remembered what it was like to be new and overwhelmed with the different drinks. I helped him out and he just smiled gratefully and said, “thanks.” I also got one of those thank you badges that Starbucks encourages to give out to fellow employees for a good job from the veteran barista. A double thank you from both ends really made me feel like I was finally accepted and thought of as someone who could help others.

  72. I was recently thanked profusely for the support I gave during a spiritual retreat. I tried to do as much as I can because I couldn’t give more financial support (I have to work on that aspect of my life as well, which is also why I ended up reading your blog posts!). I did not only feel appreciated, but also fulfilled by the service I gave. I was afraid of negative comments coming from people who might think I was grandstanding or whatever, but ignored the fears (it turned out that I had nothing to fear after all!) and carried on with helping my friends run the retreat, which was a great success!

  73. A few years ago, I checked my online paystub and I noticed that I was going to get a substantial amount of money (2 1/2 weeks worth of pay). I truly thought it was a clerical error and I was doing my best to contact HR to fix the situation. After a few days of asking around, it turned out that I spoiled my own surprise. Due to my dedication at the job I was being awarded a special bonus. It was a 29-hour/week job and I have been putting in easily 70+ hours each week for the last 12 months. It was a “thank you” from my Vice President acknowledging me for going above and beyond in my job. I used that money to put a down payment on my first car.

  74. Ashley S. says:

    I bought the 5 year old I nanny for a Minnie Mouse necklace that she wanted for her birthday. Everyday that next week at school she made me a thank you card with a picture of the two of us on the front, with her wearing her new necklace. :)

  75. The best thank you I ever got was from a man who had a stroke. He was not able to say more than one phrase. he desperately needed something. We could not understand each other. I held up items one after the other, no good. I got closer to him, and he grabbed my hand. He was able to bend his and my hand enough so I could lower his bed. it was such a break though. He grabbed my hand again, and looked at me with tears in his eyes. Nothing could be said. It will stay with me always.

  76. roel buenaventura says:

    as a physical therapist in a hospital, generally our thanks comes when we see patients achieve their mobility goals. or perhaps get discharged from the hospital and walk out, vs. being wheelchaired out. this is great fulfillment that our profession brings. satisfaction that is immediate and observable. it is undenyably one of my chief motivations.

    sometimes patients say thanks, chinese patients give red envelopes. (how nice) i haven’t received one greater than $5 enclosed though
    many patients give food. chocolates, sees candy especially, i have received alot of homecooked food, and alot of brought in lunches, even coffees, or iced frappachinos
    i must admit , those greatest thanks come in the form of letters that the hospital administrators ( my bosses / direct supervisors and leads) may receive that state my name giving me mention during their letter of praise and satisfaction for the hospitals work. these letters of gratitude make it into my professional file, and is looked highly upon by the administration. namely, my supervisor and the hospital president. nothing is more powerful than a strongly worded letter of praise. when my name comes in at the top as giving top quality care, and that my supervisor should be made aware of how much I am working to go over and above the call of duty… that speaks volumes.

    i have received one or two of those, but they are like gold – and certainly the most appreciated thanks I could receive.

  77. David Weliver says:

    Congrats to Colleen who won the fifth and final $50 American Express gift card! Thank you again to everybody who entered and left such great comments. And thanks to Amex for the prizes. (Winners, you’ll receive your cards in a couple of weeks.)

  78. Even though I missed out on the gift card, I will say that one of the best thank you’s I’ve gotten was from sending a care package to a deployed friend of mine. He was very thankful to have some good ol’ American junk food to snack on!

  79. I know the contest is over, but I wanted to share the most heartfelt thank you I’ve ever received. I donated a substantial amount of sick time to a woman that works in another division of town (I work for the PD, she worked for HR, I believe). Had no idea what she needed it for. A few months later I got a thank you note from this woman’s husband. She apparently had brain cancer, and had passed away. He thanked me for the donated time, saying that it allowed their family some relief from the bill collectors so that he could spend her last week with her. It really touched my heart.