Money Under 30 is on Pinterest!

Pinterest sometimes gets a bad rap.

If you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s a way to digitally bookmark websites and other items you find online. Its users are predominantly women, and sometimes the site is criticized for being overly focused on domestic activities.

Honestly, I get that. I’m not spending any amounts of time experimenting with new chocolate chunk cookie recipes, or making “crafts” out of recycled twine and clothespins.

But I do like Pinterest because I think it has genuinely useful purposes. I mostly use my personal boards for bookmarking recipes, remembering online shopping items I like and occasionally finding inspiration for different costumes. (Gimme a break, I’m still in college. Let’s live a little!)

I’ve recently realized that Pinterest can even save you money. Here are a few ways:

1. Following money-saving boards (like Money Under 30):

Some people gain a following on Pinterest because they’re great at pinning money-saving items.

Here are a few to follow:

  • Budget Savvy Diva — With almost 90,000 followers, Budget Savvy Diva is very active on Pinterest. I like her board “Budget Tips,” but almost all of her pins fit into a budgeted lifestyle.
  • Belles on a Budget — This pinner is wedding-focused, but not extravagant. She pins a ton of DIY wedding ideas.
  • — This personal finance site, known as an innovator in sharing digital content, is great with Pinterest. A lot (but not all) of their pins are their own content.
  • Money Saving Parent – Not all of her boards are about money, but look into following her “Giveaways to enter” board.
  • Heather @ Saving Money Living Life –  She pins to a board called “Tips for Saving Money Living Life Blogging,” and it gained more than 9,600 followers. It’s pretty good stuff!

All of these pinners are great, but we think we can do better. That’s why we’ve made a Pinterest site especially for Money Under 30. Follow us for original Money Under 30 content, grouped onto boards like “Money-saving car tips” and “Weddings on a budget.” I’m also searching the web and Pinterest for great tips from other users.

Please check out our boards, and let me know if there are other topics you’d be interested in following! Follow us here:

2. Inexpensive gifts — My favorite way Pinterest can save you money is the “gifts” category. On Pinterest’s home page, you can sort pins by what you’re following, what is “popular,” looking at everything, or specifically looking at “gifts.” They’re sorted by price, which is awesome.

There are lots of great gift ideas, even in the $1-$20 category. It’s my go-to place for inexpensive present inspiration!

3. DIY — As I said before, Pinterest is infamous for including a lot of DIY projects. Some of them might be cheesy, but a lot of them can save you money. There’s an entire DIY category of pins on Pinterest, and by staying on top of them, you can learn some great tips.

4. Weddings — Pinterest thrives on weddings. Like the DIY category, wedding pins dominate the Pinterest home page daily. But a lot of them have a money-saving spin. If you’re planning a wedding, you’re probably addicted to Pinterest anyway. Keep a sharp eye for the good “budget” wedding boards. And let us know if you find some good tips!

5. Keywords — A lot of users probably don’t realize Pinterest has a great search engine function. Without it, all of the pins and boards can be extremely overwhelming.

You can search terms like “money-saving tips” or “cheap recipes” and come up with a personalized list of pins to skim. So take advantage of the search!

Please check out our new Pinterest page, and comment or send me suggestions about how to make it better!

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About Maria LaMagna

Maria LaMagna is a recent graduate of Northwestern University where she served as editor-in-chief of the university’s award-winning daily newspaper and studied for five months in Argentina. Before joining Money Under 30, Maria worked as a reporter for CNN and the Indianapolis Business Journal. Follow Maria on Twitter @MCLaMagna.


  1. Adaptu is also on Pinterest:

  2. I think Pinterest a great pin board to organize your messages or ideas. I think my marketing team will want to use it for my conference.

  3. Eva Torres says:

    I just caught on to Pinterest! I love the website. This will be one of those Christmas’ that I will have a VERY limited budget and the inexpensive, simple DIY’s are awesome! I most certainly will use a lot of them this year for my co-workers and neighbors.