Money Under 30’s Most Popular Articles of 2008

Curious to see which articles Money Under 30 readers visited most in 2008? Here are the ten most visited articles of 2008. Enjoy!

1. Will You Get Your Economic Stimulus Tax Rebate Check? — Those rebate checks seem like a joke now given what happened to the economy, but they sure were a hot topic the first half of 2008!

2. First-time Home Buyer Tax Credit Provides up to $7,500
— I see a theme developing here: People just want to know how to get free money from the government. Fair enough!

3. How Much Should Be in Your 401(k) at 30?
— A perennial favorite of Googlers, this was one of my very first articles here at Money Under 30.

4. High Yield Savings Accounts Compared — Plenty of people are looking for the best place to save a few dollars for the future. How does your savings rate stack up?

5. How Much Do Olympic Athletes Earn? — Watching Michael Phelps swim one night, I wondered what he and other Olympians might earn from sponsorships–or even from their governments for winning medals. I researched the answer, and later learned that a lot of people had the same question.

6. Creative Yankee Swap Gift Ideas — For those of you outside of New England, a Yankee Swap is a group gift exchange in which everybody brings a small gift and then draw numbers. Participants pick a gift per the number they draw, and each subsequent recipient can swap the gift he or she chooses for any gift somebody has already chosen. The last person to choose a gift can essentially take anything he or she wants.

7. Free Budget Spreadsheet – Another oldie but a goodie! Lots of people make their way to the free spreadsheet I wrote a long time ago. Hope it’s helping some folks.

8. American Express Cards Do Have Spending Limits
— It’s funny how so many people run into this problem and yet there is hardly anything else written about it. American Express charge cards (Green, Gold, and Platinum) advertise “no pre-set spending limit” as one of their perks. And yet, every month thousands of cardholders who pay their bills on time have their cards declined for mundane purchases like groceries or hotel charges. I did some research into why and unveiled what I consider to be AMEX charge cards’ biggest flaw.

9. 53 Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas — Perhaps a moot point until next December, but this list of frugal Christmas gifts drew a number of visitors looking for holiday bargains.

10. How to Negotiate with Car Salesman — Still a favorite since I wrote it in the fall of 2007, this brief mutli-step article provides the basics on how to avoid being duped the next time you buy a car.

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